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San Gimignano - The Small Medieval Hill Town

Discussion in 'Siena' started by Rosie, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. I was looking for famous landmarks to visit in Italy and stumbled upon this small hill town, called San Gimignano. It's in Tuscany and from the looks of it (from the pictures) i can understand why it's so popular among tourists! :)

    It's a very medieval-like location, known as the Town of Fine Towers, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. So, this location goes right on my "to visit soon" list! :)

    The town is mainly famous for its towers, actually. They were build hundreds of years ago and, despite wars, catastrophes and other events (more or less controlled by humans), this town managed to preserve 14 towers! Each tower has a name and I bet each tower has a history of its own :) I'll have to look into this some more :p

    So, has anyone ever been? How was your experience?

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