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S.s Lazio

Discussion in 'Lazio' started by worldmachine, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Is anyone here a fan of Lazio football team? Their official name is Societa Sportiva Lazio and were founded way back in 1900. Being in the UK i first became aware of Lazio when Paul Gascoigne signed for them in the early 90's. He is the only British player of note that i can think of that has played for Lazio.

    Lazio have been known as the eagles due to the emblem on their club badge, it is an acknowledgement to the emblem of Zeus, the God of sky and thunder in Greek mythology.
  2. As far as italian teams are concerned i am a Juve fan, ;). I remember watching lazio on football italia in the 90's when they were quite a good club. Fallen on hard times recently, but i can see them plugging away again and getting results.
  3. Lazio had a very successful spell in the mid nineties till the mid 2000,s and it's good to see them on their way back up again. Juventus have a fine history and many great players have played for them such as Zidane, Del Piero, Inzaghi and Trezeguet.

    I can remember them being managed by Fabio Capello who went on to manage England. One british player who played for them was Ian Rush but he was not successful there, a prolific goalscorer for England but i guess he was unable to adapt to the more technical style of play in Italy.
  4. Ian rush was poor for Juventus, John Charles on the other was awesome! Id quite like to see Lazio in CL football again, and after that win yesterday they look to be on course!
  5. Being a Manchester City from Manchater by the way, i dont tend to have a particular Italian team that I follow. I guess of the 'big' teams i have a soft spot for inter milan. I've no idea why by the way...Lazio and napoli are the other two that i always look out for aswell, espaecially since city played napoli in the champions league last seaon or was it the season before?

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