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Ryanair Increases Hold Baggage Charges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs In Italy' started by Chillout, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Oh no, that's not great! I was planning on using Ryanair for my travels to Bologna over the coming year. Oh well, guess I'll just have to be very strict with myself when it comes to packing. ;)
  2. Fantastic.
    Low cost companies should keep their prices low, in my opinion.
    I usually travel with WizzAir because it lands their planes directly in my home town.
    They have also changed things a bit, they now charge for the hand luggage, if it's bigger than a backpack!
    The luggage cost is still 15 Euros, 30 if you go on a round trip with the same luggage.

    I guess the idea is to make people pack light and stop carrying a lot of useless items with them. From what I know, the lighter the plane, the less fuel it consumes.
  3. I hardly ever travel with hold luggage when I travel home but that's because I have some clothes that I leave there so that I can travel with hand luggage only.

    I can understand the reason for increasing the prices and trying to reduce the amount if checked in bags but sometimes it's just not possible.

    If I was going on a week holiday in another country I would at least need to check in one bag as 10kg of hand luggage would not be enough.

    I have noticed that British Airways are now offering hand luggage only fares too now.
  4. It's not always possible to reduce the amount of checked luggage but they try to anyway.
    You wouldn't believe the luggage people carry with them when they go on vacation or home, like you Chillout.

    I usually travel with one hand bag where I would put some clothes (very few), my laptop and some small items (such as my toothbrush, hair brush, etc.)

    However, not everyone knows how to pack a stupid suitcase :D

    I swear on whatever holy stuff you want, I have seen people in airports carrying CHEESE with them, the smelly kind (and I know for a fact that you can buy the same cheese when you land, maybe even cheaper that it costs in Italy) and COOKED FOOD. Yes, you read well, they would cook stuffed cabbage rolls and sausage and other foods and they carry these foods on the plane.

    I guess the airline got sick of people carrying totally useless items that took too much space and decided to do something about it.
  5. I'm not really big on Ryanair (I tend to prefer EasyJet and maybe others) but you can use those wrapping places (I'm not sure what they're called) at the airport to wrap up your bags in plastic so they can go on as one instead of 2 or 3!

    Just in case anybody didn't know that! :)
  6. When I first started travelling with only hand luggage I was pretty bad at making the right choices. These days I can get away with it for a 5-7 day break. If you buy most toiletry items at your destination and carry a decent sized handbag it's not too difficult.
  7. The less luggage the better I say. Less to worry about if the airline loses it. People usually try to pack too much in their bags. If you think of the number of days you need to change, pack that number of clothes. You don't need to take a lot with you and like Champers said, there are things you can buy, like toiletries, when you are there.
  8. I saw a TV show the other day that exposed another problem with the really cheap airlines. Some of them refuse to let you take a bag of duty free purchases onto the plane unless it will fit into your hand baggage.
  9. It's easy to be fooled into thinking that discount airlines always have the cheapest prices. By the time you calculate the cost of all the add-ons it may not be such a great deal at all.
  10. This is very true and some of the non low cost airlines are hitting back. I recently travelled with BA, the fare was just €20 more than ryanair.

    I checked in Online - Free
    I printed my boarding card at the airport - Free
    I checked in 1 bag - free
    I had 2 pieces of hand Luggage - Free
    I was given food and drink on the plane - Free
    I was allocated a seat when I checked-in - Free
    I was not sold scratchcards or anything else on the plane.
    The flight was at a reasonable time of the day compared to Ryanair early morning flights.

    In all, for €20 more it was well worth it, I will be using them again! :)
  11. That was a great deal, Chillout, especially because of the flight schedule... I despise having to wake up and 4 in the morning to catch the plane! :p

    I also have something to say regarding hand luggage, beware of the rules they have on the website, read them carefully and "obey" them, here's why:
    I recently traveled back home with WizzAir (the cheapest option for me to travel, so far) and their hand baggage rule says you can carry a small hand baggage for free (like a backpack or a purse) OR you can carry a large hand-luggage for 10 euros.

    However, the size of the hand baggage, small or large, are something they don't joke about, they made some people pay 40 euros on the spot, to take the hand luggage on the plain with them, because these people checked it in as free luggage, but the dimensions were exceeded by 2 centimeters.... 2 centimeters!!

    So, instead of flying cheap, they would have been better off to use another flight company.

    Bottom line is, be careful and "obey" these cheap companies rules, or they can "fry" you if they want to..
  12. Good point @Rosie about the hand luggage. I read the rules very carefully and even purchased smaller sized hand luggage to conform with their rules (Ryanair)

    I have seen many people being pulled over at gate about their hand luggage. You either pay the extra charge or don't fly. There is not really much you can do when the flight is boarding.

    Going forward, if the flight costs just a little more, I will try to avoid the low cost airlines and all their extra charges.

    I have actually found that when leaving Italy, they are a bit more flexible than the return flight home.

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