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Featured Rome

Discussion in 'Rome' started by TuttoItaly, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Rome, also nicknamed Caput Mundi or The Eternal City, is of course one of the most renown cities around the world. It's the capital of Italy and also the country's most populated city, with around 3 million people living there.
    Since Rome is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the city's history is quite long but very interesting. It was founded before Christ, in 753 BC, to be more exact. It's also the seat of Papacy since the 1st century AD.

    Rome is one of the World Centers because of it's importance in the global economic system. Well, that shouldn't be a surprise, the oldest shopping mall in the world is Trajan's Market in Rome, of course. Looks like the Romans have always had a thing for shopping. Not to mention that Rome is famous for it's designer clothes and accessories.

    The city of Rome is very appreciated by tourists too. When you think of Rome, surely you think about the Colosseum as the main attraction. The Colosseum is one of Rome's symbols, being the largest amphitheater ever built in the Roman Empire. Romans used to watch gladiators fight and found this to be a great recreational activity.

    But there is a lot more to be seen in Rome.

    The largest Church in the world is here, in Rome. St. Peter's Basilica, located in the Vatican City, is the most renowned building of Renaissance architecture and also one of the holiest Catholic sites.

    Speaking of the Vatican City, the smallest state in the world, here are some interesting facts worth mentioning. The Sistine Chapel's ceiling was really decorated by one man only, Michelangelo, and it took him 4 years to complete it. He wasn't even known as a painter at the time, but as a sculptor. The Vatican City also has a large group of museums, each displaying their own part of roman history.

    Rome is also known for it's "talking statues". Starting with the 16th century, anonymous poems and critic notes are posted on famous statues around the city in order to express people's opinions on politics or social aspects.

    The most famous statue of Rome is not a talking statue though, but the statue of the she-wolf taking care of Romulus and Remus. Legend says that the twins were adopted by a she-wolf a long time ago, after they were abandoned by their own family. When the two brothers grew up they decided to honor the she-wolf and built the city of Rome. Recent studies have shown that the statue might be a medieval sculpture after all, dating from the 13th century.

    There is so much to be seen in Rome: the Roman Forum, the Domus Aurea, Trajan's Column, the Catacombs and many more monuments and sites. There are over 7 million tourists that visit all of them every year.

    Another legend involves the famous Trevi Fountain. Legend says that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you will surely return to Rome. An average of 3,000 euros worth of coins are thrown into the fountain each day, proving once again how everyone wants to come back to visit this city at least one more time!
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    Everyone is writing about all the beautiful and captivating places in Italy, but I don't read much about Rome. I have been to Rome once, almost got mugged, but I fought back :mad: and rescued my purse. I found Rome quite interesting, and of course the Vatican was fascinating. We always see the Vatican on television; it was different to be there and experience everything for ourselves.

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  3. Well, if you're interested in a few facts about different Italian cities, you should visit ItalyForum's portal.
    Here's something about Rome: link

    I was only close to Rome once, on the highway. Of course I couldn't see anything but I am sure I'll visit it one day! It's quite far away from Milan (I live near it) so if i visited Rome I'd have to stay there for a few days at least. Rome is not exactly perfect for one city break, there's too much to see!
  4. The Jewish Ghetto is my favorite spot for restaurants. You can still get a pizza with wine for less than 10 €. I love big cities and Rome's metro is one of the easiest to learn. If you like cinema, Cinecitta Studio has some very interesting sets from classics by directors like Fellini and Zeffirelli and some you may be surprised to see like Gangs of New York!
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  5. Thank you for the information, Karen. I only used buses while being in Rome (and it was on a bus that I was almost robbed). I did not even know there is a metro. :oops:
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  6. Ah yes, the pick pocket express! I hate airports that are not connected by rail but Rome is a cinch to get to get downtown at least from Fiumicino. If you want to go to the suburbs you still need to transfer to a bus but in the old city the attractions are walking distance to the stops.

    I really recommend a GPS device to help you when you get out of the metro. I had trouble remembering pronunciations so asking for directions was time consuming and frustrating. I just put my destinations in Google maps as favorites and I could see which direction to walk. I love popping out a metro station and seeing something beautiful for the first time.
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  7. Sorry to hear about you negative experience @Angeline in Rome.

    I have only been there a couple of times and was many years ago before moving to Italy.

    I would like to visit again at some point in the future now that the high speed trains makes places quicker to reach.

    Until then, I shall just lurk in this thread.
  8. I would love to visit Rome at some point in my life! I read so much about its historical buildings. What is that big arena called where they used to have all types of games and entertainment? It is one of the main tourist attractions.
  9. The Colosseum has over 4 million visitors per year. You can beat the lineups by getting a prepaid pass and getting there before it opens at 9 AM.
  10. Don't worry about my pickpocket experience in Rome, Chillout. I detected it in time and gave the person with me in the bus who tried to steal my purse, a good lesson in ethics. I did it aloud so that everyone could hear, and the guy blushed as red as a tomato.
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  11. Aaaah, 'Colosseum' is the name I was looking for. Thank you Karen. Thank goodness for the internet. I will certainly buy my ticket online to beat the lineups.
  12. I have always been fascinated by art so I suggest you see the Borghese Gallery in Rome. It is simply spectacular, I loved it to bits. There are a lot of sculptures and antiquities to see and the surrounding gardens are again a plus. What I liked best in Rome was the Trevi Fountain, it is quite impressive.
  13. I think that every big city has it's share of pickpockets. I know that London certainly has. I wonder if it's the Eastern European migrants that are causing the problem in Rome as it is in London? (At least that's the problem according to the tabloid newspapers!)
  14. Thank you Flamboyant14, I will make a point of visiting the Borghese Gallery and Trevi Fountain in Rome. I haven't heard of it before. That is why I love this forum - we obtain valuable information that we otherwise would have missed!
  15. Rome was an incredible sight to see what I had been there. So many things to see and it was all just amazing. The most breath taking was the Colosseum. I had seen pictures of it mostly and found it to be incredible, but nothing compares to being able to see it up close. Purely amazing.
  16. When I visited Rome in 2006, I was there while the World Cup tournament was being played. It was the most amazing experience to be in the middle of Circus Maximus with hundreds of thousands of people celebrating when Italy won. Circus Maximus was definitely my favorite place in Rome; it has a wonderful history, and you can't beat watching the world cup in such an awesome place!
  17. Rome seems like a very interesting place to visit. I'm intrigued by the architecture and various sites there. I would also love to dine there. I have always wanted to visit Italy, but recently I read Eat, Pray, and Love, and I am even more interested in visiting Italy, especially Rome. I love the language, the people, and the culture of Italy. It sounds like my type of place to travel to.
  18. My husband has been to Rome, though I don't know how much time he had to really visit everything. I'm looking forward to the day we can return together (we're planning on next summer!) so the information shared by everyone here is really, really helpful. If you could pick just two places to visit in Rome, which would you choose? I know it's probably difficult to choose just two!

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