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Rocca Flea

Discussion in 'Umbria' started by Aurelia, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Well, being a castle enthusiast, I have looked this one up and found that I liked the architecture, so here it is:
    Rocca Flea (which is Italian for Flea Castle) is a fortification in central Italy (exact location: Gualdo Tadino, Umbria). It is a hillfort - on the upper part of the hill, just by the nearby town.

    The architecture seems intact. I'd not visited it, but I certainly plan on doing it. The history is very interesting, though: It could be as old as 13th century, which puts its construction to sometime during the Lombard period - built and rebuilt, then again, renovated, it had changed over time and I bet you can notice these variations. In 1350, they added the central keep, which was one of the last big improvements. During the Renaissance era, it was a patrician residence, but later on, around 1880, it was turned into prison.

    If they'd kept all of these remnants of the past, it would truly be amazing. Now there's a cceramics museum and a historical exhibition. I wonder what kind of artifacts they have...
    If nothing else, I'd visit it because of its architectural beauty!

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