Oct 17, 2010
Rimini - situated on the Adriatic coast, capital city of the Province of Rimini - is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe. This Italian city has a 15 km. long beach, more than 1,000 hotels and thousands of touristic attractions like bars, restaurants and other places you can hang out while on vacation.

Being one of Europe's 'beach capitals', it's no wonder Rimini got quite a few nicknames: "the city of hospitality", "the beach of Europe", "the bathers' Riviera" and others. However, Rimini is a great destination for a vacation during the other seasons as well, but first, let's talk about summer attractions.

First of all, there are numerous beautiful beaches in Rimini. They are large, sandy and, overall, family friendly. Among the most famous there's the Bagno Egisto 38 beach, Bagno Stefano beach, Bagno Mario Torre beach etc. But just going to the beach is not enough for a perfect vacation. Rimini has great fun attractions, like the "Skypark Parco Avventura", where you can choose to try out various fun activities, the "Rimini Dolphinarium" or the "Fiabilandia" amusement park, for both kids and adults. The fun just never stops.

Also, since it's so close to Rimini, you could pay a visit to Europe's number 1 water park, "Aquafan", in Riccione.

Care to visit Rimini during the winter months? Well, the beaches are empty, but the city isn't. Numerous restaurants are open for tourists, you can shop (especially during the sales period) in numerous fashion boutiques or you can experience cultural events and fairs such as the Rimini Fiera, the fair trade system of the city, held in the autumn, winter and spring months.

Speaking of autumn and spring, the city offers great opportunities for a lovely vacation during these periods.
One famous tourist attraction of Rimini is the Augustus Arch, built for the Roman emperor with the same name centuries ago.
The Tiberius bridge, the Roman bridge that marks the beginning of the Aemilian Way, The Roman amphitheater, built in the 2nd century, the bronze statue of Pope Paul V, head of the Catholic Church from 1605 to 1621.

Then there are museums, galleries and beautiful churches one should visit when in Rimini.
The Tempio Malatestiano - the Cathedral of Rimini that was never finished, The church of San Giuliano Martire and the Church of San Fortunato are only three of them. The last one houses the "Adoration of the Magi", painted in 1547 by Giorgio Vasari.

Then there are a few other notable buildings worth visiting, such as the Palazzo dell'Arengo e del Podestà, built in 1204, the Castel Sismondo, which took 15 years to finish in the 1400's, Teatro Galli, first dedicated to king Victor Emmanuel II and then to the musician Amintore Galli but unfortunately bombed during the World War II.

Rimini is, overall, a very interesting city, as you can see so, if you plan to come visit Italy any time soon, choose Rimini, it's one of the best tourist destinations of all Europe.http://italyforum.it/media/piazza-cavour-rimini.35/


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Apr 6, 2013
Wow, it's beautiful!
I've only been to Rimini once, on a very short visit, I didn't even touch the sand! I so want to go there!

And Riccione, which is nearby, is lovely! The whole area is lovely! Not to mention Aquafan is over there! Europe's number 1 waterpark! I love waterparks!