Regional Tradition: The Santa Croce


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Apr 6, 2013
Did you guys know that different regions in Italy have their own regional traditions :)

I only recently found out, and it seems like such an interesting fact about Italy! So, I started looking for some of them, starting with the Emilia Romagna region (since it's where I live) and I found an interesting tradition, called the Santa Croce, celebrated on the 3rd of May.

It's celebrated in the area between Bobbio, Brallo of Pregola and Brugnatella Court (some small towns around here), and it includes music, torch lighting at night, it's also a religious celebration, and the purpose of it is the gathering of eggs and the wishing of prosperity to everyone involved in the celebration.
Well... people don't actually go egg hunting nowadays like they used to, but everyone kind of remembers the tradition and they speak fondly of it to this day. The idea was that, back in the old days when people were actually gathering eggs, some of these people were so poor, they used the eggs they got to go buy food (as the stores accepted eggs instead of real money).

Do you know of any other similar traditions? I find them quite interesting, I love finding out new things about Italy :)