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Puglia Open Days

Discussion in 'Puglia' started by Rosie, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Has anyone ever heard of the "Puglia open Days"?
    It's some sort of an invitation for tourists to come and visit the area, the region offers a series of free events and special afternoons, all organized in 13 different cities, this winter.

    Here's an excerpt from a tourism website: "Puglia Open Days also continue during the winter season, until January 3rd, in order to offer Italian and foreign tourists new itineraries throughout the territory, visiting its vast artistic heritage", etc (read more about it here).

    But the Open Days are not only organized in winter, they also have the Puglia Open Days in the summer. Free guided visits, special openings and other initiatives are available for everyone who chooses to visit the area in certain periods of the year.

    I think this is pretty amazing :) and a great way to attract tourists. I'm only sorry I'm so far away, it would have been amazing to go see so many things for free!

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