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Pordenone bans gatherings of two or more people

Discussion in 'Pordenone' started by Veronese, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Pordenone bans gatherings of two or more people

    The mayor of the northern town of Pordenone has outlawed public gatherings, even if only two people stop on the street, in a crackdown on noisy behaviour and disorderly conduct.

    Mayor Sergio Bolzonello's ordinance bans ''gatherings of people, meaning the contemporary presence of two or more people'' who disturb the peace by ''elevated tones of voice'', offend public decency or limit the use of public streets and squares by other residents.

    Those who flout the rules face fines of between 35 and 500 euros under the experimental ordinance, which will be in force until December 31.

    The city council drew up the ordinance after families living in squares favoured as meeting places by young people in Pordenone complained that groups remain there day and night, drinking, shouting and annoying passers-by.

    The ordinance also bans drinking alcohol in public places except for spaces reserved by licensed bars.

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