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Pope Francis Just Celebrated His 78th Birthday

Discussion in 'Lazio' started by Rosie, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Yesterday was Pope Francis' birthday :) He is now 78 years old, but a young 78 y.o., if I may add :D :D

    Ok, so yesterday, the Vatican City was "in festa" (celebrating), there was sort of a flash mob organized for the event, hundreds of couples danced the tango, in order to honor Pope Francis (who is from Argentina, the birthplace of tango dancing), he blew candles on his cake and he drank "mate", a coffee replacement from Argentina.

    I actually didn't know it was his birthday, I heard it on the news. Finally, some good news on the news! haha!

    Here's a link to the story and there are some pics too, in the article.

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