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Pogba - Staying Or Going?

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Onionman, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Paul Pogba is definitely one of the most sought after players in Europe at the moment. But where is he going to be playing next season?

    The Juve midfield is already likely to lose two players (Vidal likely to go after Pirlo departed). So where does that leave them and Pogba for next season? If they sold him for the numbers people are talking about ($80m+) they can rebuild the midfield easily. But is it worth them doing?
  2. Well I've been around this forum for quite a while now and I'm sure one of the teams suggested to take Pogba, is my team Manchester city. At the moment, I don't even think city will be wanting to spend that amount of money on one player.

    When you also factor in his wage demands, and the length of the contract he would want, you'll be looking at nearly 200 million with everything factored in.

    Crazy money...
  3. I think we can also expect that Manchester United is one potential customer for Pogba. Manchester United is buying a lot of good players in this summer so that we can also calculate with a transfer of Pogba to Manchester United. But we have also to consider that Bayern Munich is also one possible candidate because Müller will leaver the Bayern club. He will move also to England. At the end it will be very interesting to follow what will happen with Paul Pogba this summer.
  4. Manchester who? Never heard of them, haha.

    While they might be buying some good players, I'm not sure they have the spending power that other teams do any more. You say he'll move to England eventually, and you could be right, but at the price he's being offered at, I'm not sure if any team is willing to take that risk.
  5. I think Man Utd will steer clear of Pogba, simply because they let him go for pennies and would have to buy him back with a king's ransom. I don't think the Glaziers would accept that as a good business decision, even if it could be a good sporting decision. That's one the club is going to regret for a very long time.
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  6. Wasn't it Alex Ferguson that came out and said he didn't have the right attitude to make it? I guess he's going to be eating his words now.

    Having said that he was still only young when he was there and there's no doubt that Pogba as developed into a top player since them days.
  7. I think Ferguson complained that he was getting bad advice - i.e. his advisers were suggesting he should be getting paid decent money now and playing first team football regularly. Ferguson said that there was no need to rush his development and he would get his chances in the United first team.

    Ferguson kind of had the right intention, as he's probably seen a number of players burn out immediately and have their heads turned by number, but he got the wrong guy this time.
  8. While I'm not his biggest fan, he didn't often get a players attitude wrong, but on this occasion with logjam I believe he did exactly that. For logjam, it was probably a great move for him to leave that club, because I don't think he'd have developed into the player he is today if he had of stayed.
  9. That kind of money for a average person , that he is like all of the other players, is insane. He is a great football player. More athlete than a footballer but still a great one. I myself like the type, i was a defensive midfielder and it is nice to see players with ability to run like this and keep it composed all the time. Fatigue is a bitch. I would like to see him in Chelsea because i like the club and honestly they need a par of fresh and energetic legs. He could do a lot good on Premier League. Tough and cheeky, probably his best decision would be England. But i believe he will follow the money ( read Real Madrid,PSV,Munich)
  10. Pogba is certainly made to play football in England as he's got the pace and power, aswell as the skill to perform in the premier league.

    As for Chelsea, for me there's only maybe 3 clubs in England that could afford him and that Chelsea and Manchester City. I'm a city fan, and think he would be our direct replacement for Yaya Toure so I'd like to see him come to us in a couple of seasons time.
  11. It will be interesting to see whether Juve can keep him next season because he's the one big player that is still on the radar of a lot of clubs. I still think he'll end up in England, Spain or France before long.

    And the summer transfer period could be very interesting. Next summer's European Championships could well elevate or lower his price tag.
  12. Well, I think every player should take chances and change teams every 2-3 years. But, of course, If the offer is real good and money is not the fundamental purpouse for the move. Even though I've always been a fan of the Italian soccer, I'd argue that Serie A is now the best place to grow in as a player.
  13. He is happy in Juve and I hope he will stay there for at least two seasons. It would be great if he stay more. I am not a fan of Juventus or Pogba for that matter but I have to say that he has certain qualities and he is one of the most useful players around. I mean, he runs like a marathon man. Crazy really.
  14. With players like Pogba though, every time there's a transfer windo he's going to be linked with other clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester city.

    Juventus can name their price for him, and if we're talking about £85million+ there's only those 3 clubs that could afford to pay that amount of money anyway.
  15. Pоgbа is primаrily а bоx-tо-bоx midfiеldеr, whiсh rеfеrs tо сеntrаl midfiеldеrs whо аrе gооd аt bоth dеfеnding аnd аttасking. Thеsе plаyеrs tаkе аdvаntаgе оf thеir аmаzing physiсаl соnditiоn (pасе, strеngth, rеsistаnсе) tо соnstаntly trасk bасk tо dеfеnd thеir оwn pеnаlty bоx аs wеll аs mаkе соntinuоus аttасk runs tо thеir оppоnеnt's bоx. Gооd еxаmplеs оf this bеhаviоr аrе Yаyа Tоuré (Mаn. сity), Blаisе Mаtuidi (PSG), Sаmi Khеdirа (Rеаl Mаdrid), Rаmirеs (сhеlsеа), оr аrturо Vidаl (Juvеntus).
  16. Funny to see how is career evolved, from MU, to Juve, back to MU for a world breaking record above €100.000, it's insane, really poor management from MU, but a great deal that Juve made. Finally, this year his performance hasn't been stunning, but I guess he needs time to adjust to a new country, a new club, and a new manager.
  17. I know it's not his fault, but when a player has that sort of price tag on his head then he needs to hit the ground running and since he moved to United his performances like you say have been average at best. There have even been calls that he isn't interested in playing football anymore, and he's now got his own emoji and clothing range, so are these side businesses affecting his performance ON the pitch?

    Whatever the problem is, if United bought him for £85 million like what was reported, I think if they cashed in now they'd be lucky to get even half of that back at the most.
  18. I was so happy when I heard someone else mention this the other day. I am not sure why but I felt like I was alone on an island for a bit and not knowing if I was reading real things or not.
  19. LOL, emoji and clothing range, really? :D Everything is possible and we see that in many other sports, players with a lot of talent who could not care less. I mean, in his twenties and with millions on their pocket, how do managers get motivation in them? Mourinho seems also far from is golden era, so I don't know if they are the perfect match.
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  20. It's not fair maybe to target Pogba as like you say every sport star seems to make more money on advertising than what they do actually playing the sport that mad them famous in the first place. If you are earning £300,000 a week then I'd also find it hard to get motivated and especially if you are treating what you do as a job rather than something that you actually love doing.

    In a lot of sports the players involved a re often labelled as mercenaries as they will move around from club to club depending on who's offering the most amount of money. Thing is though, wouldn't we all do that? If you was working for a company and one of it's rivals offered you a 75% pay rise for doing exactly the same job plus a nice big cash bonus then wouldn't we all move?

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