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plesae help me

Discussion in 'Employment' started by elsakaan, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. plesae help me

    please i want information im raafat from egypt i want any work contract in italy how can i have that
  2. Hi Raafat,

    To get any kind of work in Italy you need to submit your CV in Italian to companies or agencies in the area that you wish to work.

    I take it that you are in Egypt as per your message.

    There are a few employment agencies websites in the directory on this website.

    Usually if they have any job vacancies and your CV meets the criteria, they will call you and ask you to visit a local branch office. They are required to see your permesso soggiorno, passport, codice fiscali etc... before giving you the possibility of an interview with an employer.

    If you are in Egypt right now and dont have a permesso then this could be a problem. However you could try to contact companies in Egypt that have offices here in Italy. Or if you have a proffesion try to contact companies in Italy by email, fax or post. (In Italian)

    In Italy, the majority of companies only tend to contact you if they are interested. They do not seem to send any thankyou for applying letter.

    Best of luck
  3. hello

    How about the classifieds online? I know I am usually able to find work in the Usa. Maybe you will be able to find someone that needs help. I work at home, I don't know if there are any work at home opportunities in Italy, but I am sure there are some.
  4. I did a bit of quick research, and it looks like find a job in Italy isn't easy to do. It's very competitive. From what I read, Italian employers want you to know their language, so if you aren't conversational in Italian, I'd start there in terms of preparation.
  5. Also once you have a basic knowledge of the language you will need to build contacts.

    Even if you understand and speak the language you are more likely to be offered a job by recommendation.

    It is a sad fact that is works this way but that's the way it is and i cannot see it changing.

    I'm not saying that you will never find a job without contacts but it will greatly help.
  6. what is the reason

    really i want too thank every one here who gives me answers and im asking always my self why here in egypt alot of youth pay from 3.000 too 4.000 euro too travel too italy by water and him know that them can see death by him eyes i know that life is hard at egypt but i cant know the shape of life at italy it is paradise and wht the government italy and the egyptian cant afford work too egyptian there in italy any oe have answer

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