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Pizza Vending Machine

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Gabe, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Let's Pizza is a vending machine invented by an Italian, Claudio Torghele and you can get a fresh pizza in under 3 minutes. It mixes the dough and you choose the toppings and then bakes it. It's in food courts in the UK and the US. I've not found one yet, but am willing to try it!
  2. I'd be more than willing to try it. Less time fresh pizza and its probably more hygenic than normal chains. Hope it tastes ad good
  3. Haha, Brilliant! I'd definitely give it a try. Just look at how happy the family in that photo look! The pizza is so delicious they can't even stand up straight!
  4. Wow.. this is another amazing invention! Oh, I just remembered about the topic with Italian inventions! We should add this to the list!

    It really sounds like an amazing machine!
    However, I don't understand why they kept insisting the pizza is not touched by human hands? It would have been sufficient to say it once :)

    I'd also be willing to try it! I doubt I'll find one in Italy though... there is a pizzeria at every corner in each city so a pizza vending machine would probably be a weird thing to have over here.

    I have to say though, I'm willing to try it BUT I am almost positive that it won't be as good as the pizza you get, made by human hands :D There are so many factors that make each pizza a delicious experience, so I can't imagine that a 3 minute pizza would be just as good as one made by someone with experience and cooked in a real wooden oven.
  5. One thing you can say, "Made in Italy" the machine is at least and by an Italian. I'm sure it will do well in airports and railways station or bus stations where there are no outlets. Maybe even hospitals and they seem popular in college campuses. It's not cheap, but it's convenient and bearing in mind airport food is expensive anyhow.
  6. I'm not sure I'd like to try this!
    While it looks and sounds like a good idea I don't think the quality will be up to much? A bit like most foods that are made to eat on the go, its more about convenience rather than taste.
    I'd probably give it a go once just to say I've tried it though.
    Having said that this is the first time I've heard about it and I've definitely never seen one in the cities near me.
  7. If a machine was near the boarding gates of Ryanair or Easyjet they would make a fortune. I know many people take a pizza on board so they don't have to buy the food on the plane, so the choice between a vending machine pizza and a slice on the plane for about the same price, there's no contest. I do wonder what happens if they run out of ingredients though? It's not fool proof, but I'm going to look out for it, just to try it.
  8. Hmm..this is an interesting but odd invention. I would probably be really into it at an airport or subway station with terrible (or very expensive) food options. In the food court of a shopping mall, probably not. I'm more inclined to try it because there's so many crappy chain store pizza places out there. I'm sure this can't be much worse.
  9. Now there's a novel idea. I'd certainly try it but it won't quite have the same flavor as a pizza made over an open fire. My local pizza place makes their's in an open air thing that looks like an oven but works with wood and fire. The taste is simply amazing.
  10. I think any take away pizza is going to be very different to a traditional italian one.

    The one where i go is very good, but its probably about as far away from traditional italian cooking as possible! Each country as put its own spin on the pizza and i think you'll very rarely get all pizzas tasting the same these days.
  11. I think when it runs out of stuff then it'll just stop making them until someone restocks the machine. Like an ordinary vending machine. You're totally right about the airport thing though, something like this would make a killing
  12. Aha! This probably would not be able to compete with the Italian pizzeria's in Italy. It would be like setting up a vending machine of hostess cupcakes outside the door of a bakery. The aroma from the bakery would draw customer in and bypass the vending machine for sure! it is that consumer instinct kicking in store brought VS homemade. So, the advertisement stating the contents are fresh, I would have to wonder! But I have to admit the visual of this pizza vending machine caught my attention.
  13. Sounds like an interesting idea, and although a pizza can cook in a few minutes in an oven that is hot enough - I really don't see how they can pull the whole thing off in three minutes, without cutting some corners in terms of quality. My big concern is the dough isn't given any time to rest and rise - in fact, there's no indication it even has any yeast in it at all. Granted you could add stuff like baking powder instead to help make it rise, but it's not the same texture as a pizza crust made with yeast.

    I was rather fascinated though by how it mixed and kneaded the dough, and could see something like that on it's own being a useful appliance in a pizza shop, even if the rest of the steps were carried out by hand.

    I guess the whole "no hands" thing and cleanliness thing are just the angle they are trying to come from to promote the devices over your standard pizza shop - they're trying to make you nervous about the cleanliness of traditional pizza shops.
  14. It's been created by an Italian and the machine is made there, so I expect and assume the quality must be decent, otherwise they know their reputation will be damaged. Once I find one of these machines and have tested it I will report back. In fact anyone who finds one, please report back.
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  15. I was just going to ask as anybody tried one of these yet? I've been on the look out when I've been out and about and I still haven't come across one yet?

    I might have to have a look online to see if they've even made it to England yet, might be looking for something that doesn't exist yet!
  16. No way? I have never seen on and I am in the UK! I think it is a really weird idea, I would try it out of curiosity but it is very strange! Quick and easy though and still better for you than microwave ready meals!
  17. Ooh, I've seen those before! It was somewhere in a casino in Atlantic City! It was in the general area with other "odd" vending machines, and it was really neat looking! I never got anything out of it, but I remember someone complaining that they're pretty expensive?
  18. I've eaten a lot worse over the years! I'm not saying it's my idea of fine dining or even authentic pizza. But in times of need I would default to it. And it certainly sounds more appealing than a kebab!
  19. This is pretty amazing. We don't have anything like it in the USA. I wonder how it tastes. Anything coming out of a vending machine has the stereotype of being stale and not so great tasting. However, this sounds like it is being freshly made in the machine once you buy one. The concern here is how old are the ingredients. Is anyone monitoring that the ingredients have not expired in the machine?
  20. Could this really be as good as the traditional pizzas you buy at restaurants and pizza places? Is the taste any different? I wonder how long it took for the person who made this machine to announce his invention to the public. I'm also not quite sure whether the existence of such a vending machine would be welcomed by the people who work in the food industry. After all, it's only a matter of time before we all get replaced by robots who do our job more quickly and efficiently than any human on earth for just a fraction of the time and expenses invested by the chain owners.

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