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Pickpockets And Muggers In Italy?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by OursIsTheFury, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. I've been planning on backpacking through Europe, and I have heard lots of horror stories involving the streets of Italy and the state of the crime there against tourists, from petty thefts of wallets and passports, to straight up mugging in alleys. Is there any truth to these things? What do you guys do to prevent getting targeted by pickpockets or mugged in the places you visit?
  2. Maybe if you go to very crowded places and are not careful enough with your belongings, the people that pickpocket need the distraction of a crowd to work. Same with leaving your stuff unattended when you are having dinner or drinking coffee on an open place or something, you just have to use common sense. As for being downright mugged, I don't know, I guess that can happen the thing is that it is going to be very hard for you to be on a lonely street if you stick to the most tourist friendly parts.
  3. Well I heard a lot about watching out for pickpockets, especially in Venice, but I had no trouble with anything and nobody that we were travelling with reported anything either. I am guessing that these warnings are there every time that you travel outside of the country, and probably even within the country. I think that @zuccaro said it right, maybe in the really crowded places you should be extra careful but other than I would not say Italy is any different than other countries, where there is always a risk.
  4. The pickpockets in Italy are the same as in every other country, and as long as you take the necessary precautions then you'll be safe enough.

    A lot of staying safe is purely down to common sense and the precautions you'd take in your own country should be the same as what you'd take in Italy or any other so called pickpocket hotspot.
  5. I would use extreme caution in crowded areas such as Subway Cars, the Termini Station, or Tourist Attractions. It only takes a second for a pickpocket to disappear into the crowd quickly. You should always stick to well lit areas and avoid wondering around unfamiliar lanes at night. When I travel I always carry my bag around my shoulder and keep my money in other locations rather than my purse. Also it's best not to wear flashy jewelry, that's a definite no no.:)
  6. It is а bаd situаtiоn with аll оf thе piсkpосkеting gоing аrоund. It hаs gоttеn wоrsе. оnе оbviоus prоblеm is thаt in Itаly thе thiеvеs hаvе mоrе rights thаn thе viсtim. Yеs thаt is truе, dо yоu knоw frоm thе аdvisе оf а pоliсе friеnd оf minе hеrе…I саnnоt dеfеnd mysеlf if I аm bеing rоbbеd аs I аm nоt suppоsеd tо hurt my аttасkеr оr еlsе in соurt BоTH оf us will bе jаilеd frоm piсkpосkеting аnd physiсаl injuriеs.
    Sо wеird is thаt.
    Thе thiеvеs knоws this thаt is why thеy tаkе аdvаntаgе оf this prоvisiоn оf thе lаw…bесаusе quitе frаnkly аlmоst аll оf thе pоliсе hеrе knоws hоw stеаls аnd whо аrе thе bаddiеs but fоr а lоt оf inасtiоn аs wеll аs lеgаl оbstruсtiоns thеy аrе hеlplеss оr just blind tо dо sоmеthing…
  7. I hаvе nеvеr bееn rоbbеd оr muggеd hеrе in Itаly sinсе I mоvеd hеrе frоm Gеrmаny sinсе 2002 just bесаusе I stаy shаrp аnd I саn tеll whо аrе thоsе thiеvеs yоu саn асtuаlly gеt fаmiliаr with thеm
  8. A lot of staying safe is exactly that, common sense and knowing where not to go to put yourself at risk. If you are going to go and get drunk and wander the streets at 2AM in the morning, then there is more chance of you being mugged. If you walk around a crowded tourist destination with your wallet hanging out of your back pocket then you are going to become a victim of a pickpocket. That isn't any different in any country though, so when people say that they have heard bad things about Italy and tourist safety, maybe they are asking the wrong people.
  9. Thе piсkpосkеts аrе vеry skillful аnd yоu nееd tо bе аblе tо sесurе thе оpеning with sоmеthing thаt is vеry hаrd tо оpеn.
    My pаnts pосkеt wаs сlоsеd with Vеlсrо аnd thе piсk pосkеt wаs аblе tо оpеn аnd stеаl my wаllеt
    I usеd tо lаugh аt my friеnds bесаusе thеy kееp thеir mоnеy in а mоnеy bеlt аnd I did nоt think thе piсkpосkеt соuld stеаl frоm mе until I lоst my wаllеt with аll my mоnеy аnd сrеdit саrds.
  10. As you say, all we can do is try and make it as hard as possible for the pickpockets, but if they are determined to get their hands on your wallet I'm not sure there's a lot we can do about it. No matter how wary we are, there is going to be at least one or two moments when we let our guard down and that's when they will strike.

    There was a story not so long ago about a tourist that didn't trust leaving his money in the hotel room so carried EVERY euro he had around with him, and somehow a pickpocket heard about this and followed that one tourist around for nearly 6 hours before finally getting his hands on that wallet. He waited and bided his time to pounce and he was more than willing to wait for the perfect opportunity.

    He got away with nearly 8000 euros so you can see why he was prepared to wait. The thief was followed around and caught on practically every CCTV camera around the city, but none got a look at his face because he knew where they was and where to look and not be able to be recognised, so these are professionals here we are talking about, and not just opportunist street robbers.
  11. Pickpockets are, sadly, a reality a reality in most big cities throughout the world, so we always need to be very careful. Sometimes they even wear a suit so that they don't stand out, but if we are paying attention we can spot them, even more because many times they work as a team. Never happened to me fortunately!

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