Pensioner Fined In Pinerolo For Slow Street Crossing


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Apr 6, 2013
I wonder why they don't show such news more often on TV. It's not good news, but it's not that horrible either!

In the small town of Pinerolo, the local police decided to fine an 85 y.o. man because... he crossed the street too slowly! Can you imagine this? It seems to unreal, how do you give a fine to an old guy, because he can't go any faster? :rolleyes:

"He had failed to make it across the road before the green light turned to red, violating the town’s rules", the news report says. Poor old guy :oops: Now I get why so many elderly people are out jogging when they should be at home playing with their grandchildren! So they'll be able to run fast before the lights turn red :cool:

At least the town's mayor is going to give the old man his money back. Faith in humanity - restored :)


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Nov 9, 2014
I can't believe this! I'm sure the towns people were not happy with the police officer who fined him. He should have held the traffic back and helped him cross the road. That's what nearly all police do when there is an old person crossing the road.

I've crossed some road when they turn green and only just make it and I walk very fast, so I don't know how others make it if they have a walking stick or have children.

I know the law is the law, but as the report says, many residents complain there isn't enough time to get across which should have been taken into consideration. I'm glad the mayor is having a word with the police, because they can use discretion. They didn't have to fine him, because I doubt it can make him walk any faster.