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Paternity Leave In Italy

Discussion in 'Employment' started by David, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. This month the law for Paternity Leave has changed. Before the father of a newborn child was only allowed 1 paid day off work on the birth of their child. This has now been changed to 14 days to be inline with a new European Paternity Law. :)
  2. I read an article that on June 25th 2015, Italy increased Paternity and Maternity leave for male and female employees. For instance optional paternity/maternity leave granted until the child is seven, might now be requested until the child is eleven. :) (Legislative Decree No.80)
  3. Most European countries are increasing paternity rights and I think it's excellent. In the North of Europe those rights, and even day-to-day work schedules, are adjusted and real benefits do exist, so I am glad to see Italy following the same direction. What do you mean by optional paternity leave until 11 @AngelaMc?
  4. Italy is way behind other European countries when it comes to paternity leave. Things may have changed slightly over the years but when my daughter was born, the father can use paternity leave up until the child is 7 years old. That said, what is not mentioned in this post is:

    The mother has 5 month of paid maternity leave at 80% pay (can be extended depending on your working environment and/or doctors note)

    The mother then has the choice to apply for an addition 6 months at 30% pay, but your employer must approve this.

    In the instance where the mother has used the additional 6 months. The father can apply for paternity leave of up to a maxium of three months if used in separate instances or if they take a three month block you get a bonus of an additional month. However, in this example, the paternity leave is unpaid. It just gives you the right to take days, weeks or a whole block off work. One of the conditions also is that you cannot use these days when the mother is off work due to maternity leave.
  5. Hello @to7update, optional paternity leave, means the employee is entitled to 30% of his/her salary, whereas mandatory leave the employee is entitled to 80% of their last salary amount for paternity leave. Until 11 was an example for extension.:)
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  6. So you mean that I might be without working until my kid is 11 and receive 30% of my salary? Mandatory leave we receive 80% right, but up to what age? Not bad at all 30%, but that is impossible for someone to survive.

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