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Parking in Bologna

Discussion in 'Bologna' started by Veronese, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Parking in Bologna

    I've been visiting Bologna quite alot just recently and every time i go its a real hassle trying to find a parking space.

    With the city centre being closed to non residents you also need to take care as they issue fines to those non residents vehicles. It's so easy to make a wrong turn into the centre and those lovely cctv will have it all stored and you will receive a nice fine 2 - 3 months later.

    Has anyone found any good parking zones near to the centre as the closest i can ever find is a good 15 minutes walk away.
  2. When I've to go to the center of the city I usually park the car on via riva di reno, or piazza azzarita, not so close but there are good chance of finding a parking there :)
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  3. Looks like you park closer to the Centre than me Luca!

    I visit Bologna quite often and have found via jacopo della quercia or one of its side streets a good place to park. Located just behind Bologna Centrale station. (That way I will never get lost!)

    There are also many busses from Bologna Centrale Station.

    It's free on non working days / hours and cheap during Business hours. Just check one of the many meters. I can't remember the exact hourly fee as I normally visit on a Sunday or in the Evening when it's free.
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  4. Good tips Chillout :)

    Luckily (??) I don't live in Bologna but in a small town, and also for work I don't have to go in teh centre of Bologna so usually I go there in the weekend where there is a bit less traffic

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