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Parenting Aid

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Strykstar, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. What benefits do parents in Italy get in their work environment when they have a child?
    Some countries seem to give up to a couple years like the Nordic countries, while some barely give a month, what's Italy's position?
  2. I have a good friend who has just had her second child :) And another friend who's expecting... so, of course, out of curiosity I asked about this!

    From what I understand, a new mother has the right to stay at home for 5 months, with pay. These 5 months are divided though: either 2 months before giving birth and 3 after, or 1 month before and 4 after.

    After these months have passed, in theory, the mother should return to work. A new mother, however, has the right to ask for more months to stay home, but she won't receive full pay, but much, much less!

    Meanwhile, the father has a role in this too.
    There are fewer taxes to be paid by new parents, so the salary will seem higher (in reality, it's the same, but since not all taxes go to the government, part of them will go into your family's pocket). Oh, and the father also has the right to ask for a few months off work, I think it's about 7 months though, maximum.

    As a personal opinion, I think 3 months at home with your baby is not enough! A new baby needs the mother to be there 24/7. What's a new mother to do? Go home every 3 hours to breast feed?

    If anyone has additional info, do share :)
    This is all I know, I'm sure there's more to it!
  3. Statutory maternity leave:

    Normally, the mother gets five months of paid maternity leave. Just like Rosie said, 2 months before and 3 months after. However, there are some exceptions. If the mother has a job that involves physical activity or the mother is having a difficult pregnancy, the gynaecologist can sign her off meaning that she will be paid 100% from the moment that she declares she is pregnant.
    Most companies that require their staff to perform physical activity will not allow the pregnant person to work. The company will not accept responsibility should anything happen to the baby when the mother is working. Therefore, they are signed off and paid 100% of their salary. The mother will still have the right to 3 months of full pay after the baby has been born.

    Extension of Maternity leave:
    If both parents are employed, one of the two can choose to apply for an additional 6 months off work. This is paid at 30% of your normal wage. Normally, the mother would apply for this but the father can use this right too.
    The parent will need to obtain permission from their employer first. The extension of maternity leave can be used on a daily basis or in one block and you must use it before your child turns 7 years old.

    Milking time:
    The milking time law allows the mother or father (only one) to have a reduction in their working hours up until the baby turns one year old. This right can only be used when the mother is not already at home claiming the statutory or extensions of maternity leave. The milking time law allows one of the parents to claim a reduction in their daily working hours:

    • 1 hour each day for those who work less than 5 hours
    • 2 hours each day for those who work more than 5 hours.
    The milking law can be used by the father in cases where the mother is unemployed. However, you can only start to claim once the baby is 3 months old.

    For example, if the mother has finished her statutory maternity leave and returns to work after 3 months, she can claim the milking time right up until the babies first birthday. (9 months)

    The Big Day:
    Sadly in Italy, they do not treat the fathers as well as the mother. You have the right to one paid day off work the day your child is born.

    Paternity Leave:
    Providing that the father has not claimed the extension of maternity leave (as described above) the father has the right to have 3 months off work unpaid. This can be used daily, weekly or in one block and must be used before your child turns 7 years old. When used in one block, the father is given a bonus of one extra month. (4 months in total)

    Child Sick Days:
    One of the parents has the right to stay at home when their child is sick. This is not paid but your boss cannot fire you! You can take as many days off for children under the age of 3. You must always provide your company with a copy of the medical certificate to justify your absence.
    For children above 3, each parent has the right to 5 days each year. (Unpaid)
  4. This is amazing American only get six weeks total and sometimes it is not even paid. If you need anything more due to your medical health, then you have to apply for disability. If you decide to stay at home with your child longer, then a nice employer may give you and unpaid leave. I think the fact that Italians get 5 months is very generous and probably efficient time for a mother and child to become accustomed to each other. As far as whether a mother will ever fully be ready to leave their child with a care giver is dependent on the individual.
  5. WOW so many differences between America and Italy.

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