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Pagazzano Castle

Discussion in 'Bergamo' started by Aurelia, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. This castle is one of the earlier ones and was built from an existing building from earlier Middle Ages. It had changed ownership a lot of times and was, at one point, in possession of Sforza family. It consists of a fort, a ditch and a tower, which served as a sentry.

    This is yet another castle which has the water ditch surrounding it and a drawbridge, which, curiously enough, is still in working order today! The water about it gives it a scenic and picturesque surroundings, which make the location seem even more romantic:

    An interesting information I'd also found about this castle:
    ''In the course of the centuries the castle entertained many brilliant characters among which, in the 1360, Francesco Petrarca.''
    Well, surely, it would be interesting to see where Petrarca had once been? Wouldn't it?
  2. Oh, why is the picture so small :D I'll have to look it up online!

    As I said before, I'm not a very big castle enthusiast, like you Aurelia :) But I do enjoy visiting them! I love the atmosphere, it's so.. centuries ago!
    And this castle seems pretty close to where I like... Bergamo is less than 100 km away, I just might pay this one a visit!

    Last time I went to visit a castle was 4-5 years ago :D I should probably start doing it again!
    I especially love the Castel'Arquato experience. You get there and, to reach the castle, you have to walk a lot! And I mean... A LOT! But you walk up a path that is actually part of the fortress, which makes the experience worth it! Even if you feel like fainting LOL :D

    Thanks for mentioning this castle :)
    I actually thought about going on Google maps and writing "castle" in the search bar :D Have you tried it? You'll get hundreds of locations on the map!
  3. No, I didn't try Google maps for castles, that's an interesting thought. So far, I'd only used them for cities and such...

    I am starting to sound like a tourist agent! I have written about five or six castles, I believe... so now I am making a little break. I really found it funny when I realised how my posts were beginning to sound, with all the information about the castles, some perks, their location, the pictures... I do like them very much! I guess that's why I love history. I'd always felt a strong connection to history, especially the antiquity and the Middle Ages. I am not that into the later years (nineteenth century and onwards, really - all prior to that is fine). I don't like modernisation, I guess.
  4. A castle with a mote, that is as medieval as it gets. If the picture was a little larger, bet it would be a spectacular site. I think it is nice to get some FYI on Italy's castles. I think you should keep them up, I for one enjoy them.
  5. My post was fairly long so I thought a bigger picture would somehow ''break it''. Here's another one I'd found:


    It may not be as beautiful as the last one, but it's big :D

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