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Obama Visit Rome And Find It Remarkable

Discussion in 'Rome' started by Adriano89, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Well, this is some news :D
    Obama visits Rome and find it "remarkable, unbelievable" :) Of course, it would have been weird if he didn't enjoy it...
    I'm not sure what are the political matters that made president Obama decide to visit Rome, if you're interested you can read about it here, I just wanted to say that from now on, when walking by the Colosseum, one can say 'hey, president Obama has been here as well' :D
  2. Yes, it's all over the news :)
    President Obama had a political encounter with Renzi and, of course, he visited the city. I mean.. who wouldn't? :)
    From what I heard, things went well at the meeting between the two politicians. the prime minister is trying to do something about this economic crisis and he is asking for help. I say let's keep our fingers crossed!!
  3. Of course he finds it remarkable :D
    I've also seen a short movie with Obama's escort... the thing is that many Italians are now pretty mad, there were lots and lots of cars, police cars, limousines, and the escort seemed to be an endless line of many, many cars... all for the American President. Well, someone had to pay for all these cars :D But I can't understand why the escort was so big... oh well, i was interesting to watch.


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