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need part time job in rome

Discussion in 'Employment' started by ruvanw1979, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. need part time job in rome

    i will come to next month rome city for restaurent job with one year visa , can i find any part time job . pl help me

  2. need help

    pl any body can help me
  3. Hello Ruvan,

    Wish i could help but i live far from Rome and it is a very bad time right now for job seekers.

    Have you had any luck so far?
  4. thanks for you word how can i contact you
  5. You can contact me via private message facilty if you have any questions that you do not wish to post on the forum.

    I'll try to help if i can.
  6. Re: need part time job in rome

    I think that you should pay attention to the companies in the social sphere of Italy. There are many such companies in Italy and especially in Rome. They are acting on the same principles as AU PAIR and they can propose some jobs for you.

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