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Naked Girls Reading Rome To Perform A Nude Reading Of "a Christmas Carol"

Discussion in 'Rome' started by Rosie, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. I wonder how many will click to read about the naked girls reading :D lol Just kidding :) This is actually a serious project, a group of naked women, members of the Naked Girls Reading Rome, will simply read a novel this weekend, at the Teatro Centrale.

    Some facts about this interesting group: the "naked girls reading" was originally founded in the US, 5 years ago. Well, of course, they became famous, and now this idea, concept, call it however you want, has spread in other countries (they even have a website,, where they have a list of many cities in many countries, where they perform).
    The group of women who will be performing the novella are (mostly) Italian though. They will get up on the stage, naked, and just read!
    I think it's pretty interesting, considering how the Italian people are known to be not so opened about sexuality :)
  2. Wow, this is quite interesting. I'm wondering how many people attended and how the entire thin went. I think nudity and
    "A Christmas Carol" is a very unique combination. Considering that "A Christmas Carol" is usually for families this should have been quite the talk of the town.
  3. I heard about it few years ago, I had no idea that it had spread out this much! It is a very interesting phenomenon. Is it really this much at odds with Italian view on sexuality though? Conservative though it can be, it is still in general open on manifestations of heterosexuality, and still has a macho penchant. I feel like, even though people could discuss about what harlot would be naked on stage (lol!), they would probably be more shocked about men naked on stage? I'm not sure. I really would want to see one of these readings -- mostly for the conversations afterwards!
  4. Okay, this is the first I've ever heard of this 'concept' and while I'm not enraged by it I just wonder what the point is. I do find it a bit distasteful to be doing it around Christmas time and with such a classic such as the Christmas Carol.
  5. Modern art usually is a bit provocative yes.
    Finding out the point is the point of the game. ;)

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