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My Visit To Trentino

Discussion in 'Trentino - Alto Adige' started by barbabionda, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. I went on a two-day trip to Trentino a while back and I have to say that I am in love with the town, the church, the food and with Buonconsiglio castle (especially seeing the museum is a must have).

    Sorry for the picture quality though, I took them with a phone, but that adds a bit to the feel, so enjoy.

    A view of the historical centre.

    Another view of the historical centre.

    The belltower.

    Impressive masonry on the church.

    View on Buonconsiglio castle at dusk.

    Another picture I took in the court of the castle.

    Detail from iside the castle: Latin/Greek: "Know thyself." Rock solid advice.

    Also, if you are a bit into upscale venues, do yourself a favor and visit Villa Madruzzo. The spa and restaurant are amazing!

    People are very friendly and helpful and almost everyone speaks Italian, German, and English. I hope some of you who read this consider visiting that neat town!
  2. Wow! I visited Trento too a long time ago and it was a really calm and peaceful place, espcially for the really huge amount of thing that the city can offer. I don't know if you had the chance to go hiking on the mountains around as it's really an experience that everyone who go visit Trento should do! Also piazza duomo, which the central plaza of trento, is really beautiful!
  3. Stunning pictures - the beauty is all still there, even with a phone camera you simply can't take away the beauty and charm!

    There's just something about the architecture in Italy that always takes my breath away. It's all so beautiful. I really liked the shot of the open plaza type area (with the colored buildings), I feel like the detail in simple things like around the window shutters just show how beautiful even the minor details there can be.

    Also, I'm such a huge fan of exposed brickwork buildings - that rustic feel is just so charming, don't you think?
  4. I agree, I love those kind of architecture too, but not just because I am from those places but I find them really beautiful to watch and to get to know more about it too.

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