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Most Dangerous City In Europe For Traffic Accidents

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by nbts92, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. It may come as little surprise to anyone who has run the gauntlet of its speeding mopeds and cars, but Rome has been named as the most dangerous city in Europe for traffic accidents.More than 230 people died in accidents in 2007/8in the Italian capital.According to the Road Safety Insurance Foundation,there were 21,000 collisions in which 28,000 people were injured.
  2. It's not a surprise at all and before I read this I thought of Rome. Each time I crossed a road there I prayed for my life and that the brakes on the cars were in good order and crossed when other people did whenever possible.

    I seriously advise anyone driving or crossing roads in Rome to take care and cross when lots of people do, as it's safer.
  3. I think the fact that it's the main tourist city of Italy doesn't help either. People come and rent out mopeds and just start speeding on the streets without regards to the traffic laws. It's a little scary to think about actually
  4. I immediately guessed Rome when i saw the title of this thread, there is so much congestion and reckless driving, people will thunder down narrow streets at ridiculous speeds and i have seen cars swerve around pedestrians on zebra crossings. As Sammien94 says people will rent mopeds and take to the streets with no idea of how to control their vehicle, they mount pavements and cause chaos.

    The road traffic laws need to be imposed a lot more rigourously, at the moment a lot of the drivers think they are the Kings of the road and untouchable. The Uk's roads are a dangerous enough place but Italy has nearly double the number of fatalities. It seems crazy that in the 21st century we can't organise things better than this.
  5. I'm not surprised. I think tourist who don't know what they are doing when it comes to renting cars and mopeds do contribute to the problem. However, in my understanding Italian drivers have a reputation for being crazy drivers. For example stop signs in Italy mean make sure the coast is clear rather than come to a full stop. Most countries take stop signs pretty seriously. Generally I think Italians drive with a sense of confidence and right of way.
  6. Obviously the busier a city is and the more tourists and foreigners it attracts will contribute massively to the amount of accidents that take place.

    While Rome is undoubtedly busy, on foot as well as in a car, is it really any busier than places like Madrid, Paris and London? I think Italian cities have got a bit of a stigma attached to them that they are full of crazy driver's and I don't think it's the case at all.

    You have to watch out, be careful and sensible. Just like you do in any other city.
  7. Oh dear, that's terrible news!
    The truth is that Italians do have a chaotic way to drive, not only in big cities, but in small cities as well.
    I've never been to Rome (yet!), but I have visited Milan several times, and since it's a 50 minute train ride away, I have always traveled there by train!

    When I first saw how the Milanese drive I almost had a heart attack :D
    And the worse episode of all was last year, when I was returning to Italy from a trip home and took the bus from the airport to the Milan Central Station. We had a smooth drive up until we got closer to Milan and exited the highway. I was sitting on the first row of chairs on the bus and I could see a "sea of cars", there was no order, that was total chaos! Imagine a beehive and and now replace all bees with cars :D
  8. I've heard of the traffic situations there, especially in Rome. Cars, trucks, buses, and scooters are prominate on the streets. A lot of pedestrians as well you have to watch out for and open cafe's right near the streets. Rome is very exciting but a driver's nightmare.
  9. This is an interesting fact. I have to admit it doesn't surprise me at all. The drivers in Italy get a little crazy. I've seen numerous times people would hit each other's cars and both would just drive away like nothing happened. It is very different then in the US.
  10. I think that the Italian government must do something to reduce the deaths. This includes adding more roads and building more underground roads for transport. Train services also need to be improved so that most people may be using them instead of using their private cars. The figures are shocking!

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