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Memories Of Livorno

Discussion in 'Livorno' started by Dominico, May 24, 2013.

  1. I visited Livorno many years ago, when I was very young. My strongest memories are of a wonderful ice-cream cafe, and the docks with a replica of an old style boat. I'm planning on returning to Italy sometime soon and would love to hear if this town is still worth a visit. I don't think it was very touristy back then.
  2. We docked at Livorno when we took a cruise a few years back, but all we saw of it was the docks as we went on a day excursion to Florence and were hustled off the ship and straight onto the bus first thing in the morning! I'm sure that if a lot of cruise ships use the town as a main stop-off then it must surely be quite touristy, as not everyone goes on excursions, there has to be something for them to do in the port town itself.

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