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Medical Prescription Price.

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Chillout, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Has the medical prescription price gone up or is it just me?

    I don't go to the doctors that often but i'm sure it used to be free or something silly like 80 cents.

    Went the other day and it cost me 2 euros.
  2. Looks like the prices went up a few months ago. Now you have to pay a prescription fee (tax) even though the medicine is free.
  3. Everything is going up all over and this does not surprise me at all. Most drug dispensaries will charge a service fee on top of what the cost actually is. Government already gets a cut of this is more money in their pockets.
  4. It's just a sign of the times. Medication is still cheaper in Italy than it is in the states, but still, it's a shame to see it go up at all here, because it could start a growing trend. Unfortunately when the price of something goes up, it doesn't go back down.
  5. I can honestly tell you that I prefer to have a headache rather than pay for Moment Act or whatever they sell for headache these days. Same goes for medicine for the cold. I'd rather buy a bag of lemons (that is less than 2 Euros) than spend 15Euros on medicine!
    The prices have gone up and everyone is mad about it, including doctors and pharmacists.
  6. One thing I have learnt is to always ask the pharmacy for the medical equivalent of the top brands. I have found them to be just as good and can save you around 40% off the top brand prices. In Italian, you should ask for a MEDICINALE EQUIVALENTE.
  7. Yes, asking for the equivalent can save you a lot of money!
    Another thing I don't agree with is that they never sell you stuff en-detail. If you want to buy only one "bustina" of medicine (such as Aulin or things that you normally don't use a whole box of!), they make you buy the whole box. Medicine expires, you know, so you pay a lot of money to use maybe one pill and you end up throwing the rest of it away!
  8. Old topic, but still relevant, I think :)

    Since Chillout mentioned medical equivalents for top pharmacy brands, I'd like to back that up with what happened to me in November, or December (whatever, this winter).
    I caught a cold, a pretty nasty one too, and I looked up on the internet the equivalent for some of the cold medicine they advertise on TV, and got to the conclusion that spending about €4 for ibuprofen is much better than spending €12 on god knows what.

    Well, my boyfriend went to buy that for me but the pharmacist insisted that the generic medicine is not good enough, but I should take some pills that contained some plant extracts and stuff like that, that they were very good, blah, blah, blah, and my boyfriend bought that... need I say that I finished an entire blister or 6 pills and I was still sick? :D

    Just wanted to back Chillout up, with the generic medicine, except if the doctor specifically tells you to take something else.
  9. The price has gone up these days due to the inflation and a lot of people are having trouble paying the bills. I think it is really important that government plan to subsidise to help a lot of people out there. There should be some stability brought on the ever-increasing price.

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