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Matera - The Open Air Museum

Discussion in 'Matera' started by Roberto, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. I found this video of Matera, it's almost 14 minutes long, but it's worth watching. And if the voice in the video bores you, just put on some music and enjoy the pictures :D

    I just ante to share it with everyone, because it's a beautiful short video and it presents Matera in such a way that you can't help but fall in love with the place!
  2. Wonderful video. Scenic luxury followed by events special to the region of Matera. I enjoyed the sightseeing.
  3. Looks like such a great region. I plan to visit Italy in the future and look for some distant cousins. Will be adding this to the places to visit for sure!
  4. It actually reminds me of a Greek island. It is lovely and I would love to add it to my next visit to Italy.
  5. It's beautiful and the video is really inspiring. I'd found out a lot of new things while watching this, thank you for sharing.

    When I'd seen the title, I'd literally thought of a museum - a roofless building and I was worried about the artifacts getting weather-worn, haha, it hadn't even occurred to me that Matera might be a city. It does make sense.

    The architecture is stunning. Everything is so scenic and picturesque. It makes me wish I were there right now... so much history at one place...

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