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Mateo Kovacic Leaves Inter Milan

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by edustadar001, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. The media are all excited about the new transfer of Mateo Kovacic from Inter Milan to Real Madrid. Inter got 35 mio. for the transfer. What do you think how this transfer will affect the new season 2015/2016 for Inter and which player(s) should be bought by using this money?
  2. To be honest I'm a little surprised that Madrid put an offer in for him as I'm not sure where he's going to be able to fit into the team, or even if he's going to get a chance there with the amount of other players they've got.

    Surely he'd have been better off staying at inter?
  3. I'm a bit surprised by the move as well. I know that Real needs to make a big signing every single transfer season but they are fairly well sorted in the midfield department I would have thought. And he's not a 'galactico' in any way either.

    As for Inter, it's probably going to be another season of underachievement. Or rather, they're still nowhere near Juve's level, even after all of Juve's departures.
  4. Only reason I can think of the move was if Rafa had managed him before or he felt he could add something that he didn't already have, but I can't see that he does.

    I guess as the season goes on we'll soon find out, depending on how many games he gets to start, in my view it won't be many but we shall see.
  5. It does look like more of a pragmatic transaction, given as you say that Rafa knows and trusts him. It's not as if he's going to be selling many football shirts. We'll see how the squad properly lines up after 1 September and then we may get a better sense of how many games he'll play.
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  6. You're right, after the transfer window shuts things will be a little clearer as to what's in store for him. I think for a player to be signed by a club like Real Madrid is a dream come true, but if you don't play regularly then it's one of them dreams that can quickly turn into a nightmare.

    As for Inter, it would be nice to see them challenge for the title again. Having a strong league with clubs like AC, Inter, Juve, Roma, all the big boys challenging for the title will only help Italian football in the long term, no matter what club you support.
  7. A good player but a good point as well by somebody here. Where and when is he going to play in RM? A lot of money and i know it is an investment because he is young but he will need to play to keep his form up. A lot of good players on that position in Madrid. Isco, Kroos,Rodriges,Cheryshev, Modric. They can all play at almost same position and Modric is an expeienced player so he is the first choice here. Wish him all the best and to Inter as well but i see the are doing just fine.
  8. For me I think the player as made a mistake, and it wouldn't surprise me if he was sent out on loan in January (possibly back to inter?) To get some playing time. Even if the club doesn't want that, surely the player must be getting frustrated?
  9. Now he is playing for Real Madrid for a while but he is not in a starting position. At the end I hope for him that he change the club again before he will lose his form. It is better for him to play for example for Everton, Tottenham or Dortmund and play every game instead for Real and sit every second game on the bank.
  10. A lot of players these days seem happy to sit and rot at a club, as long as they're getting paid their wages. While a move will do his career a lot of good, not many other clubs will pay the wage he's on now, so financially he'll be worse off.

    What he decides to do will say a lot about him as a person and not just as a footballer.

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