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Malpaga Castle And Marne

Discussion in 'Bergamo' started by Aurelia, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Malpaga Castle:
    Well, not really a tourist attraction, I must admit, but it's not bad if you're near by to visit the castle ruins and get your daily history lesson. The main feature of Malpaga Castle is the Renaissance frescoes in the castle interiors. The castle had been in ruins after a raid in the 1440s. Later, the condottiero and nobleman Colleoni acquired the ruins and enlarged the castle in typical Renaissance fashion.

    Malpaga_castle_and_its_fields.jpg Malpaga_castle_from_the_sky.jpg
    Up close, it may look a little rusty, but the view of the whole grounds is breathtaking.

    Marne seems to be in the same decayed state. Too bad that these two beautiful buildings had fallen into ruins and become preys of time.


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