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I have an immediate project for which I'd appreciate your help. To be honest, I'm not sure if this belongs in the "Italian Film" sub forum or not, but the film itself is not Italian produced. It does, however, involve some phrases spoken in Italian, and I'm trying to figure out what's being said. There is no sub-titling and I can only (officially) repeat it phonetically.

The movie is the Burt Reynolds film, :"Sharky's Machine." It's a crime/action film in which Reynolds stars as Detective Sgt. Tom Sharky, formerly of Homicide, but transferred to the "Vice" division (not of his choosing). There, he stumbles upon a criminal syndicate that's involved in all kinds of nasty stuff. In particular, the head of this syndicate is played by Vittorio Gasman. He's involved in trafficking young girls. His brother, nicknamed "Billy Score" is played by Henry Silva.is a hired assassin. Some of Gasman's "problem children" in his trafficking operation often become Billy Score's "targets."

When Billy Score is preparing to take out one of his targets (especially the female ones), he says the same thing to each of them. He says something to the effect of, "Hello my sweet dark angel..." and then he says something in what I believed to be a Romance language. I thought it was Latin itself, but it turns out to be Italian (per the closed captioning translation - it just says "Man speaking in Italian" but does not offer an English translation).

The phrase appears to be 3 words, the last two of which I believe are "Due" (two) and Esplorare (to explore). The first word, sounds phonetically, like the latin word "Adeste" Thus, the phrase, "Adeste Due Esplorare." But I can't find an Italian word or phrase meaning for "Adeste" It's possible that it is, actually, two words (i.e. "A deste" or something like that. I just don't know. I believe the assassin is trying to say something to the effect of, "Come let the two of us explore." This, before he shoots/kills his target.

Anyone who might steer me in the right direction here, would be greatly appreciated!

Are you able to record a short audio file of the phrase or is it available on youtube?

Working on it... Will get back to you. The specific clip isn't on YouTube. There are a couple of places that claim to have the "full movie," but for copyright reasons, it's distorted to the point where one cannot hear the phrase correctly.

Will get back to you soon.
Are you able to record a short audio file of the phrase or is it available on youtube?

I was able to isolate two snippets, but I'm not sure that I can attach them, here. I'd like to PM you but, apparently, I'm not yet authorized for "Conversations," being a "newbie." At least, I don't see how to "start" one. There doesn't seem to be a button or link to "Start a new conversation."

Any help appreciated!

Update: Project complete! Many thanks to Chillout!

I wasn't even close!

The correct Italian: "La testa tua esploderà" Translation: "Your head will explode!"

This makes perfect sense, considering what the character saying it was about to do.

Again, many thanks to Chillout!