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Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by worldmachine, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Italy has manufactured some of the finest cars on the planet, Ferrari being the most famous. My favourite ever since i was a child is the Lamborghini however. When i was about seven i had a model of a Lamborghini Countach, it seemed space age to me. The styling of this car made it an icon with it's scissor doors which lifted upwards instead of opening outwards, this became a Lamborghini trademark.

    Lamborghini were only founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini as competition for Ferrarri and the company grew rapidly during it's first decade but sales plunged during various financial downturns. Lamborghini is now owned by the Volkswagen group and new model lines have been added to the brands portfolio. There is a Lamborghini museum in Sant' Agata Bolognese between Bologna and Modena, this is well worth a visit if you can.
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  2. Being a big car fanatic, then I have to say Italy have produced some exceptional machines. Obviously you mentioned Ferrari, which I assume most people would say when you mention Italian cars.

    Lamborghini though are definitely a rival, some people have said that since they did become part of Volkswagen, they've lost a bit of appeal but I don't see that's the case at all.
  3. Man...I'd love to own a Lambo someday. Definitely a coveted car.
  4. Lamborghini, my favourite as well. Although Ferarri is also a classic. And yes, perhaps a little less exotic, but still exclusive: Alfa Romeo. Some models are really "to die for". But yes, Lamborgini had always been something special. It seemed "ethereal" - if it could be even said for a car. My brother and I used to buy car magazines and then clip out the cars we liked the most. We always had clippings of Lamborghinis, haha. Sometimes we even argued about them, especially if both of us liked the same picture. At times it was impossible for us to agree on a compromise, so mum had to buy another copy of the magazine so both of us would have our own picture. :)
  5. Cool. Have you been to the Lamborghini museum?

    I had to go take a look, and it did not disappoint.

  6. When it comes to Italian cars, my favorite has always been the Lamborghini as well. The Ferrari just doesn't do it for me. I love the space aged feel of the Lamborghini and it seems to me a bit more exclusive. I had no idea that it was now owned by the Volkswagen Group. I'm assuming that they have kept all the manufacturing in Italy still to keep it's Italian made reputation. The Lamborghini museum looks like a pretty cool stop to make the next time I am in that area.
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  7. That museum certainly looks like a place I need to have a look around. What else is in that area of Italy though? While it's a place that I would want to visit, I doubt it would be very entertaining for the rest of the family though so was just wondering what else is in and around that region?

  8. Hahaha my German boyfriend says that now, he'd think it'd be a better deal to get a Lambo -- because with the German alterations, the car will not have to be in the shop every month or so. XD
  9. Oh I definitely agree with your boyfriend. Lamborghini will now be as reliable and safe as a golf! Ha...

    That does kind of go against the tradition of Lamborghini I guess though, kind of dampens down the excitement.
  10. I thought the same. You can really admire the precision and reliability of German products -- and especially German cars (BMW and Audi are pretty strong models, after all!) but it does feel like it has a completely different spirit than the "free-spirit" unpredictible Italian-ity. Which feels like it should be passionate and fiery rather than, well. Something you can count on? XD
  11. I have to admit, while Italian cars are definitely about passion, the reliability side dies tend to let them down a little.

    I know fiats and alphas can be prone to a few issues shall we say, haha
  12. Yes i have been to the Lamborghini factory and it was a fantastic experience, i saw my favourite car the Countach circa 1974 there. The museum is close to Bologna which has plenty to offer for those not interested in the cars.

    You can take a virtual tour of the museum on google street view, it offers panoramic 360 degree views of the cars and even interior views of some cars. The wonderful thing about these cars is that they were hand built by craftsmen rather than the mass produced vehicles that we see every day.
  13. Do you think the fact that Lamborghini does now use the usual manufacturing process for building their cars as led to people being less interested or do you think for them to survive it was a vital step just to keep the company going?
  14. It's really one of the finest Italian Ferrari car is watching this link Video Italian car extravaganza in beauty
  15. Lamborghini cars are very cool, it is also natural that enthusiasts certain people, because can raise confidence for the ride of his
  16. I think Italy produces some of the most luxurious sports car. It’s not often you see a Lamborghini or Ferrari in person. Sometimes I see them driving through the city and its definitely not a common sight. I think these cars look best in bright colors such as red or yellow. Neutral colors defeat the purpose of having such an elaborate sports car.
  17. I agree and I think the whole point of driving a car like that is about getting attention aswell as enjoying the luxury so the brighter the colour the better.

    Having said that, there's no way I will ever be able to afford one so I'd be happy to take any colour they'd got if they'd like to give me one for a couple of weeks, I'm not that fussy!
  18. Maybe it's cause I'm a girly girl but I'm not a fan of Lamborghini styles. Ferrari is my favorite Italian made car. They are just the bomb, from the styles to the speed not to mention the colors. Unfortunately I can only dream of owning one.
  19. I'd imagine that a lot of people feel the same way, and Ferrari are more of a classic, maybe even subtle super car than the Lamborghini.

    Lamborghini are built more for sheer power and performance and the styling is a lot more aggressive than the classic lines of the Ferrari, in my opinion.
  20. nоt еvеry dаy yоu thаt yоu sее а Lаmbоrghini оr а Fеrrаri оn thе strееts. Sо whеn yоu sее it, it’s dеfinitеly sоmеthing thrilling! It’s а fасt thаt еxсlusivity соmеs with а big priсе tаg аnd gеnеrаlly, it’s just tоо dаmn high, sо if yоu аrе аmоngst thе оnеs whо оwn оnе оf thеsе luxuriоus саrs, whаt mоrе dо yоu wаnt frоm lifе?
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