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Lake Como Is The Cheapest?

Discussion in 'Como' started by Warrior, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Someone told me that Lake Como is the cheapest of the Italian lake areas, for both food and accommodation. I would love to hear more about the price differences between the lake areas, preferably from those who have visited recently.
  2. I have never been to Lake Como but have been to Lake Garda many times. I always thought of lake Como as being one of the most expensive lakes due to the amout of famous people that have purchased property there. I would imagine that food prices are pretty much the same but to get an idea of accommodation prices, I would use a site such as to compare prices.
  3. I have't been to lake Como either, but I plan on going to visit it maybe this year, even if only for a day (in giornata, as italians say :D)

    I think you can look at accommodation options online, there's even a link here on the forums (if you go to the menu and press the HOME button, you'll see another button that says ACCOMMODATION, it takes you to a website where you can compare hotel prices and book a room, it's very safe and easy).

    As for other prices.. I have no idea... maybe you can check out local restaurants, if they have a website, they must have the prices listed online.

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