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Lago Di Tenno

Discussion in 'Trento' started by Chillout, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. For anyone visiting the northern part of Lake Garda, I highly recommend visiting another small lake called Lago Di Tenno. Situated in the mountains you will find this natural lake with spectacular views.

    From the road, you can’t see the Lake but as you start to walk down the steps beside the car park this beautiful blue water appears.

    Just a little further down the steps:

    Normally, this lake has a little island but due to the extreme heat that we have had over the last few months the lake has lost a lot of water and the water surrounding the island has dried up.

    Nearest town = Tenno (The lake is 3-4km away from the town itself)
  2. Yes it's one really cool that lake, especially in the summer! It's a valid alternative of the near lake Garda.

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