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Italy's Sexiest Dialects

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by Rosie, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. I just found this piece of "news", if I can call it news, about Italy's sexiest dialects :D

    Apparently, first place goes to the Tuscan dialect. I've never heard it, I live in the North and I've never been close to Tuscany.

    This is the link, it's written in Italian.

    After voting, a Speed Dating agency made this top 10:

    1. Toscano, 18%
    2. Romagnolo, 15%
    3. Romano, 13%
    4. Salentino, 12%
    5. Napoletano, 10%
    6. Umbro-Marchigiano, 8%
    7. Milanese-Torinese, 8%
    8. Siciliano, 6%
    9. Calabrese, 4%
    10. Sardo, 3%

    and the remaining 3% goes to other dialects.

    Is this funny news or what? :D
  2. I've never thought of dialects sounding sexy. I see my local dialect is not on the list but that's no surprise as it does not sound too romantic.

    Mantovano sounds more French than Italian and not really a dialect that I find sexy or romantic like Italian language.

    Although I don't understand any of the dialects listed above, some of them have a very unique sounds that you can usually identify where a person is from just from the sounds of the dialect.

    Napolitano is perhaps one that really stands out from the rest.
  3. It's interesting that the sexiest accents or dialects are those spoken around Central Italy, while those in the far North and far South (or in the case of Sardo, which is a separate language on its own, the far West) are deemed less attractive or less pleasant-sounding. Interesting pattern, I wonder if there is a historical basis for this?
  4. I hope they used science to find just how much sexiness each dialect contains.

    Just kidding! I dunno much about the different dialects myself, but these news are funny.
  5. Wow. I would have never guessed that the tuscan dialect would be considered to be the sexiest. It is just a very strong accent the people of that region have, it is highly musical and amusing, but I never thought "sexy" would ever be the adjective to best describe it.
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  6. Absolutely! I like how some people in Tuscany like to use the "h" sound a lot, what some people call "la gorgia Toscana" whereby they replace the "c" or "t" with a real "h" like the one used in English. So they say things like "capiho" instead or "capito" or "alla hasa" instead of "alla casa".
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  7. Exactly, that's what happens. I wonder: is the "h" sound what makes their accent sexier? It certainly makes it funnier. I have a feeling it is one of the reasons for Roberto Benigni's success as a comedian in Italy, he has this way of talking emphasising his accent that makes him unmistakably recognisable.
  8. My Italian attempts are with a heavy scouse accent....................I am trying to teach the locals but they are not very good !! :eek:

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  9. Haha! This is too great. Now someone just needs to put together a video comparing all of them :p I remember being a child and finding my Sardinian relatives' accents very funny...I'll have to go back and listen now :cool:

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