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Italy's Castles - Sold, With The Cheapest One In Piedmont

Discussion in 'Piedmont' started by Rosie, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. This are such sad news!
    The economic situation is very, very difficult for castle owners in Italy, so they are forced to sell :( And, it seems that Russia is most interested in buying.

    Did you ever wonder how much a castle actually costs? Well, prices range from €1,200 to €8,500 /square meter. I don't know why there is such a huge difference though, who knows what the criteria is, for calculating the value of a historical castle.

    Anyway, the "cheapest" castle in Italy seems to be located in the Piedmont region. One "medieval castle in Piemont dating back to the XIth century immersed in a wonderful park of secular trees and overlooking the Monferrato hills" goes for only €7 million :(
  2. Wow, I never knew about this. What a sad way to go. All the history and family traditions that have been preserved in those castles, getting unraveled. It's almost a crime. No, it is a crime! I don't want to think about how some nouveau riche take over the premises and turn them into a playground or, even worse, theme park.
  3. This is so sad. However, as long as they don't demolish it or destroy anything, there shouldn't be much of a problem. It can always be worse. I just hope that the new owners will be respectful towards history.

    €1,200 per square metre is soooo cheap. I know apartments here in Sarajevo that are sold for the same price. Either the building is really damaged or the location isn't really popular. I don't know the decisive factors when it comes to prices. €8,500 sounds like a decent price. It's a castle, it should be expensive. It's worst when the castles are in private property, though, as many owners restrict access... there were at least three castles I'd wanted to see in Germany, but I couldn't because they were privately owned.
  4. It is definitely sad when such iconic buildings are being sold off - the economy really is hitting people hard and this situation seems like no different.

    It sounds like an incredibly cheap deal for a castle. The things people need to do in these economic times is hard - it's just disappointing when these pieces of history and culture are simply being sold off to the highest bidder.

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