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Italy Health Police Seize More Than 60 Tonnes Of Seasonal Desserts

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Webene, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. The food safety and health unit in Italy have carried out inspections on over 2000 factories, bakeries, cheese manufacturers and fruit an vegetable retailers. This has occurred in the past 3 weeks leading up to the festive period. Apparently, 1 in 5 food sales stores breached the food regulations. These breaches included things from using ingredients that had long expired, and finding parasites in some foods. Over 30,000 kilograms of sweets and pastries were seized, along with 1 tonne of fish products. It's good that the health standards and regulations are being enforced, but this raises a lot of questions about the manufacturers. What are you thoughts on this?
  2. I'm pretty shocked, but that's the difference between a local business hand making things to mass produced. They must have had tip offs from people, or had cause to suspect what was going on.

    That's a problem with Christmas, people want to mass produce and sell to make the huge profits with little regard to health or safety. Hopefully it was serve as a deterrent, but most people would buy fresh and local. These items were destined to go abroad for gifts quite possibly mainly.
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    Another reason why so many issues from the small and medium-size business don't surface is that because there is a consensus among the small and medium (local businesses) enterprises that prevent retaliation from disgruntled employees, or in the case of large manufacturers from disgruntled former employees. Unfortunately, with large corporations and large manufacturers there is the mandatory auditing and quality control, as well as whistle-blowing guidelines. In the States, and many other countries, such preventive measures is/are made into a non-retaliation policy against small businesses.
  4. That is crazy that so much food had to be confiscated and go to waste. Imagune if alll that food had actually been distributed. There could have been a lot of sick people during the holidays. Especially because more people buy more food during the holidays. It would be awful if peoples food gifts made other people sick.
  5. I missed this piece of news... odd from my part :p
    I'm actually glad so much food was confiscated!

    I used to work in a food factory, a few years back, and honest to God, if they saw anyone do anything against health and safety regulations, they would threaten to fire them if they did it again. The bosses would "inspect" everything, they were almost never found sitting in their office, they were always out and about around the factory. My boss got mad at me one day, I had a little hole in my glove, and honestly I did not notice! But he did and brought it up to my attention. I began using 2 pairs of gloves ever since :D

    So, yes, safety regulations for human health are VERY important. They did good by confiscating the merchandise. I hope they gave all the producers a huge fine as well! Can you imagine ending up in the hospital after eating a trivial piece of chocolate?
  6. That's nuts! Oh well, at least they got it all before anyone got sick. I know people who work in food and they would do crazy stuff like pick up food that had dropped onto the floor and put it back on a plate or back into a bowl of ingredients! :eek: No, I never ate at the places my friends worked, hah.
  7. Wow! One in five food sale stores is using substandard ingredients in their food manufacture. That sounds absolutely shocking to me. Imagine one tonne of fish products being destroyed. Especially with seafood, there has to be so much caution exercised, as it can easily be fatal if wrongly prepared. I can't imagine that these news will give Italians and visitors to their country much confidence. I am glad it's all being investigated and dealt with.
  8. Wow this is crazy. I'm happy that the health department has decided to carry out these raids. But what about those that they didn't find out about? Italy has one of the finest types of food in the world. Wouldn't want that reputation to be tarnished?
  9. It's a pretty good move. Rather prevent a health hazard rather than spend money treating a country-wide problem. They should really fine these companies because if they hadn't been discovered, they would have sold them to the different markets and just face the fines afterwards, without having any regard for the people who are consuming their products. It's a very good move from the health police, as it would have just flown under the radar if it hadn't been detected before the products have been distributed.
  10. This is awful that so much food was confiscated and thrown away. There are to many people starving for these corporations not to follow the health regulations and guidelines. And to keep the stock pile of outdated, or spoiled food on hand to sell to the consumers is an outrage. Obviously they had no regard for anyone's health.:(
  11. Regulation is essential so that we can eat properly and with no risks for our health. I think it's very important that these measures were taken because in this way we understand what companies follow the rules, and which ones are putting our health in danger. A good indicator for when to buy the next time or for when to pick the next place to eat. ;)

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