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Italian Proverbs And Their Meaning

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by Rosie, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. All languages have their own sayings and proverbs, right?
    Well, there are a few proverbs in Italian that are very similar to their equivalent in English :)
    Here are some examples I picked up in the last few years (I think some of my Italian friends might hate me for asking what did they mean by saying these things.... :D I must be the most annoying friend for them!)

    1. A ogni uccello il suo nido è bello - this is the equivalent of "There's no place like home", and it literally translates to "To every bird, their nest is beautiful".

    2. Acqua passata non macina più - this means "Water under the bridge". And it translates like this: "The water already passed doesn't grind anymore".

    3. O mangiar questa minestra o saltar questa finestra - means "Take it or leave it". In translation, it sounds like this: "Either eat this soup, or jump out the window". Ok, this one's pretty weird but it rhymes in Italian, so I guess that's why they use the threat.. haha!

    4. Far d'una mosca un elefante - means "to not make a big deal out of it". The deal being the elephant, and the "it" being the fly. So, don't make an elephant out of the fly.

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