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Italian Natural Cures for the Flu

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Veronese, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Italian Natural Cures for the Flu

    Its that time of year where many nasty bugs are around. I managed to pick a flu bug from somewhere (Probably work) My friends at work told me to drink a warm glass of red wine before i go to bed.

    I'll give it a go tonight and see if it does the trick.

    Are there any other Natural Italian cures that have worked for you?
  2. I've been told of a cure involving a cooked onion with a spponful of honey (!) in the middle, but I'm not sure if you should cook the onion a) with the honey or b) by itself, adding the honey afterwards. Nor do I remember how you cook the onion.

  3. And you need to have flu to do this???

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  4. only heating wine up when i have the flu. its much better at room temp though!

    it seemed to do the job as i was able to go to work the next day (along with taciflu ) to keep me going.
  5. You should take at least 5 asprins and if that doesn't work take some antibiotics. Or, welll, .... that's what my family sais;)
  6. Yeah, nothing says "I am an idiot who does not have critical thinking skills" better than walking around in a surgical mask in fear of a flu virus.

    ALL flu virus's kill some people.
    39000 each year in the U.S. alone.
    This particular strain has shown far less severe effects than the standard annual flu strains that we deal with every year.

    When you see the brain dead, indoctrinated buffoons worry about this it is not hard to see how we got saddled with our current president.
  7. well i guess eating citrus fruits are the best ! and drinking lots of water!!very effective..
  8. Believe it or not, what really works for me is just some chicken noodle soup. It's a bit of a simple process, and I really don't understand why it works so well, but a bowl of this soup has me feeling better pretty fast.
  9. When we were sick with the cold/flu, my Grandmother would tell us to make Herb Tea. It consisted of dried sage, dried thyme, and mint, just add these herbs to hot water as if you were making regular tea, let it steep for 10minutes, strain and drink it.:)

    We always added a bit of honey after it steeped, honey is a great sore throat soother. Sage is well known for its antibacterial qualities and people in Europe have used this recipe for centuries, handed down from generation to generation.:) "Thank you Nonna for the recipe"
  10. Italy would advise one to use any natural cures for the flu. This is the same as in any other country. Teas, herbs, vitamins, and supplements are everywhere these days....
  11. I think that Italy might benefit from that image where they just know certain things, and in some cases it might not necessarily be true. It is kind of like the grandmother always knows the cures. I am sure that there is some good secrets, though.
  12. I have done some more research and self-intuition on the matter. There is no real such thing as an 'Italian' cure, generally speaking. Nature is nature, and it is available all throughout the world. Some places in the world may claim to originate certain cures or such, but it has all been done elsewhere as well....
  13. Interesting, so a warm glass of red wine before bed can cure flu. This is my very first time to Hear about this though I have my reservation, hope it works actually
  14. I came to know of this home remedy through my friends who are in Italy.

    Ingredients required :
    1. Two large garlic cloves - minced well.
    2. A handful of grated Parmesan
    3. Salt, as required.
    4. red pepper powder or crushed ones - once table spoon. No issue if you add more.
    5. Balsamic vinegar, one teaspoon
    6. Olive oil, as required.
    7. Some Italian breads
    Just mix all ingredients together (1 to 6) and dip the bread in that and have it. This is said to be a very effective medicine for common cold and flu.
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  15. lol pretty much! Usually I have one, but if I have the flu more are necessary! :D

    @explorer, are you describing a remedy for the flu really? :D That seems something delicious to be eaten, not to cure the flu. :)

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