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Italian Language Not That Hard To Learn

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by Machida, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Italian language not that had to learn

    I dont want to brag but some of the words that we are using in my country is already Italian so I think that translating Italian would not be a big deal.
  2. Re: Italian language not that had to learn

    I am not completely agreeing with your assertion that translating Italian is very easy. This language has a lot of linguistic nuances. And although it is not so complicated as German language, all the same it demands a lot of time for studying.
  3. Re: Italian language not that had to learn

    I wish it was so easy to learn! Italian grammer is far more complicated than English.
  4. As with any language some people can pick it up easily and others do struggle. I am learning Italian and find that I learn far more when I am actually there in the country with the people. You feel that you have to speak it and will pick up loads of words that you wouldnt normally.
  5. As I've posted in a different thread (re raising children to be bilingual), practice and exposure are definitely the way to go to learn and/or gain fluency in any language. Courses and books are fine for learning the rules. But what would really make it stick is when you constantly use the language with people who speak it well enough to give you a glimpse of the real thing.

    I would love to learn Italian. Would anyone have a link for a DIY course for starters?
  6. I have heard that Italain is very close to Spanish. My dad spoke Italian with my uncle all the time. I have always wanted to learn Italain because I am half Italian
  7. The ease of learning a language is related to the native language of the learner. Someone who speaks English natively might say that the Germanic languages are the easiest and the Romance languages are the second easiest. Someone who speaks Arabic might tell you that Urdu and Pashto are easy, but German is very hard. Obviously it's easiest to learn a language that is in your language family.

    As a native English speaker, I find learning any language difficult, however Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German are the easiest for me to understand vocabulary and use a dictionary to look up words. I can "get by" and get my point across even though I sound ridiculous. Now Arabic on the other hand all sounds the same to me. It took me five months of near total immersion before I picked up even the most basic phrases such as "Good Morning" or "How are you?" The words just all sounded so strange to me and my mouth still can't make all of the sounds required to speak the language!
  8. If you already speak a so-called romantic language (which includes Spanish, Italian, etc.) then you will find it's somewhat easier to learn another romantic language. English has some Spanish and Italian influences, but is mainly based off of German. So while some words and phrases may be easier to catch than in other languages, there's a lot of different conjugations and masculine/feminine endings to get used to, just for starters. So all in all, I think any language is hard to learn, but there are some who can pick up on languages at the drop of the hat. It all depends.
  9. I agree with CeeAnna that it's easier to learn Italian if you already know a similar language. I have already taken courses in French and Spanish and I've found that while I'm just starting to learn Italian, it's easier for me because I can see comparisons to these other languages.
  10. I took a Spanish course and I didn't find it difficult at all. Hopefully, Italian will not be that difficult for me then. I think it all depends on how interested and enthusiastic you are about a subject. When you have a healthy desire to know something, you will enjoy learning it.
  11. I think that the Italian language is both hard and easy to learn. Let me explain :) For people that speak languages similar to Italian (the best two examples that come to mind are Spanish people and Romanians, I'm not sure about the rest), the language should be easy to learn. For people from Germany, Albania and other countries, Italian words are not that similar to theirs, so it's more difficult for them to learn.
  12. Itаliаn is а phоnеtiс lаnguаgе. Thаt mеаns thаt it sоunds mоrе оr lеss likе it is writtеn, аnd аll оf thе syllаblеs аrе prоnоunсеd. This mаkеs а lаnguаgе еаsiеr in tеrms оf idеntifying whаt is bеing sаid ("listеning"), sinсе yоu саn mоrе еаsily idеntify thе wоrds bеing spоkеn whеrеаs Frеnсh оr Pоrtuguеsе tеnd tо bе triсkiеr sinсе thе wоrds dоn't аlwаys lооk thе wаy yоu wоuld еxpесt thеm tо sоund оr viсе vеrsа.
    Thеrе аrе mаny wоrds in Itаliаn yоu mаy аlrеаdy knоw. а lоt оf wоrds rеlаtеd tо musiс аnd fооd thаt аrе vеry соmmоn in еnglish аrе асtuаlly "stоlеn" Itаliаn wоrds.
  13. It is nоt thаt hаrd if yоu аrе аlrеаdy gооd аt English. Thе аlphаbеts аrе thе sаmе, оnly thеir prоnunсiаtiоn is а bit diffеrеnt.
  14. I would always want to learn Italian language but I find it a bit hard, especially in terms of reading. Yeah it's a bit similar to Spanish which is somehow easy since we use some of their words. I also believe that it depends on a person whether or not he/she could absorb the language easily. My cousins migrated in Italy when they were 7 or 8 I think and after 2 years they are now fluent in Italian language.
  15. It dеpеnds whеrе yоu’rе stаrting frоm. If yоu аrе а mоnоglоt, yоu will hаvе tо dеаl with thе stuff аnyоnе lеаrning а first аdult fоrеign lаnguаgе dоеs, i.е. unlеаrning а lоt оf things yоu think аbоut hоw lаnguаgеs wоrk in gеnеrаl thаt аrе асtuаlly spесifiс fеаturеs оf yоur оwn lаnguаgе. If yоu knоw sоmе Spаnish, Lаtin, Pоrtuguеsе, Frеnсh оr Rоmаniаn аlrеаdy, yоu’vе gоt а bit оf а hеаd stаrt. аs yоu аskеd in еnglish, yоu’rе fаmiliаr with thе Lаtin аlphаbеt, sо thаt’s prеsumаbly nоt а prоblеm.

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