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Italian Icecream.

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Elementalmage, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Nothing beats Italian icecream. How do you prefer yours, with toppings or just plain?
  2. I have to admit I love Italian ice cream and I usually just have it plain. It certainly tastes better than any other ice cream anyway.

    And that's another point, why? What IS the difference between Italian ice cream and the others? Is there a special ingredient or do they make it in a different way so it tastes better?
  3. From the ingredients lists I have looked at, Italian ice cream contains natural things like fruits, sugars and creams, other ice cream (particularly British) contains all sorts of freeze dried this and dehydrated that, and the fake flavourings and colourings too.
  4. So it looks like it's as simple as that. You pick all natural and fresh ingredients and it make a massive differencre to the taste and quilty of a product. I guess companies are more bothered about keeping the cost down and maximising profits than anything else.

    Might be a silly question but are there ice creams from other countries even available to buy in Italy? and if there is I guess another question should be why?
  5. Gelato as my grandmother would still insist of calling it, is absolutely the best thing I've put my lips while in my school trip looong time ago(this does not include the italian girls, haha). Most of what I've eaten tasted like it was home-made, creamy and so it was so delicious. Maybe it tasted so scrumptious because I've eaten it in the mighty place that is Rome... maybe that's why...
  6. That brings up another interesting question I guess, does where you eat something make the difference aswell?

    Eating Italian ice cream or any other Italian dish for that matter, does it taste better in Italy just because your in Italy? If you was eating the exact same dish but sat at home in front of the TV I bet it wouldn't seem half as nice.
  7. Well, I guess the atmosphere does count indeed. I've once read a study some british scientists did, it was about what we've been talking about.
    I don't really have a link to it right now, but I've found this interesting read, have a go:
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  8. Well there you go then! We was right all along. I guess it just shows how subliminal little messages get through to us without us even knowing.

    I read somthing similar about branding and the design of product packaging. Like you'll react entirely different to the exact same food just because it's in a different package.

    In this case you could say a tub of ice cream. Compared to a tub of Italian ice cream. The product might be the exact same but you instantly think the 2nd one will taste better
  9. I once had lemon sorbet in a glass with white dessert wine. Or it might have been champagne (in which case it might not belong here). I don't remember. Delicious anyhow.
  10. Don't you mean, the Italian Gelato? I'm not sure if I spelled it right or not, but I think that's what it's called. I have never eaten actual Italian gelato, but we have some over here that try to copy it. It's nice like you would expect an ice-cream to be. I love ice-cream, and it's pretty good.
  11. Without any toppings of course, plain and simple is the best!
  12. I absolutely think the setting impacts how a food tastes, or at least, how we remember it. I've eaten pizza in Italy, and then pizza back home - it's not like the pizza I can get in my country is bad, but it's just not the same as eating it at an outdoor restaurant in Naples, you know?

    Same as sushi - I can get it at plenty of places locally, but will it ever compare to the first time I tried it in Tokyo? Probably not!

    Back to the topic of gelato though, I always prefer it plain - to me toppings would detract from the simple deliciousness of it in itself!
  13. Gelato tastes wonderful by itself, I think. I don't like adding toppings or sauces on top, I think it tastes far better by itself. Nothing compares to authentic, pure gelato.
  14. I vote for plain; however if I was served with toppings, you betcha I would enjoy it, too.

    On a side note: I found the discussion on atmosphere to be quite true. Neither does good company hurt.

    Of course, it is called gelato, but call it what you want because I am sure craving some now. lol
  15. I prefer plain ice cream. But the kind of ice cream is important. The best one is for me stracciatella followed by vanilla ice. If the motivation for ice cream is big enough I am also ordering one bullet strawberry. The advantage of this combination is that every crossing between these varieties is not crucial for the taste.
  16. Gelato? When I stayed in Italy I would eat it several times a day. Nothing is better then true Italian Gelato on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, its extremely hard to find in the US. Even the brands that make gelato doesn't taste the same as the kind in Italy. I would switch it up when I was there to taste all the different flavors. However, pistachio was my favorite.
  17. Yes! The same case in Europe, I mean every corner ice cream shop calls themselves "gelato" but the ones who tasted the real Italian one knows that is not true. It should be regulated by laws or something that poor tourist does not disappoint themselves.

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