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Italian Holiday

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by pwarbi, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. While Italy is a popular holiday destination for people across europe and they flock to all parts of of the country, what do Italian's do for their vacations? With Italy having many tourist places ranges from cosmopolitan cities, quiant villages and sunny beach's do Italians like to travel to other parts of Italy for their holiday or will they prefer to spend a few weeks abroad?

    When it comes to going on holiday, where do italians prefer to spend their vacations?
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  2. Italians like comfort and most don’t want to spend a lot. Italians are generally not too keen on foreign food and a lot of them, especially the older generations, think that communicating in another language can represent a real obstacle. So, they tend to stay within their own country when it comes to vacation destinations. Usually, the sea is preferred to mountains, countryside and lakes. Sardinia and Tuscany are popular choices for vacation. When it comes to holidaying abroad, London and Greece are popular destinations. Italians prefer driving to flying, so they pick destinations that they can drive to.
  3. I'm not Italian myself, but I can confirm that there are tons of Italian tourists in Greece when I visited :D

  4. That's some interesting points raised in that post. I have to admit I haven't really bumped into many Italian tourists and I've been on holiday in most parts of Europe.

    I wonder why that is though? Is it a generation issue and you'll find that in the future Italians will start to take vacations abroad more and more or is it just something they wouldn't even think about?
  5. I used to live in Oxford and there were loads of Italian tourists that visited all of the time, it has slowed right down lately but I guess they used to like it.
  6. Ireland is one of the most popular countries to italian tourists.
    Others go toward Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

    The ones who stay in Italy usually have a week or two at beaches, then move to the mountains.
    As the heat raises and foreign tourists invade major cities italians retreat to small towns and mountain refuges.
  7. I guess that brings up another interesting question, does the influx of the amount of tourists that flock to certain parts of Italy, have an effect on the local communities? Do Italians accept tourism now as part of everyday life or do they resent the fact that sometimes their towns and cities get over run with foreigners?

    Tourism can generate a lot of income but at the same time can also have a massive effect on how people live their day to day lives I think.
  8. Tourism has ever been a fact of life in Italy, the same "tourist " word was born here, so no one is resenting.
    The major reson to leave the cities in summer is the heat.
  9. people in italy, very fond of holidays, so that sometimes very long to visit a place that they visit
  10. Here in the UK I think most people now choose to go abroad in their holiday, not to say there's not nice places here, it's the weather that people try to get away from.

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