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Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by notyourcommodity, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Olive Garden is a chain restaurant in the States that serves Italian food.

    I found this video hilarious - their reactions to the food just cracked me right up.

    What do you think about the Italian food in your home country, if you're not from Italy directly? Is it a poor imitation of the real thing, or are there places you go to that can hold a candle to the authentic food you've experienced?
  2. I watched this too! I thought it was absolutely hilarious! But the funniest thing about it was that each lady had a different opinion on the foods they were served. While some ladies consistently criticized the food, others consistently praised it a lot. It was pretty interesting to watch - the variety in opinions was surprising (but, mostly the opinions were negative).
  3. Yes, I have to admit I was laughing at that too - basically all of the grandmas were like "this is DISGUSTING what is this, this isn't authentic!" and then there were those two sweet ladies who were like "oh this is delicious!" "ooooh this is very good, the tomatoes taste so fresh!"

    I guess like anything in life it's all a matter of perspective!
  4. While your right that it's all a matter of perspective, it's also probably a matter of politeness aswell maybe?

    I'm sure a lot of people have tried something and thought it wasn't nice in the past, only to say the contrary when asked their opinion.

    I think this happens a lot, especially here in the UK, it's as if people are too polite to complain, even when they know they deserve better.
  5. Ahh, yes - I have no doubt there may have been an element of that too - some people just prefer to be nice and not stir up drama or conflict!

    However, my Nonna was much more like the fussy ones saying the food was terrible. She was totally the type of lady who was like "what is this? I can make this better!"
  6. Chain restaurants, like the Olive Garden do not hold a candle to authentic Italian food. Although, I have been to authentic Italian restauranteur that are delicious.

    lol Your Nonna sounds like my husband. He is always saying he can make a dish better. Well, he is usually right, lol.

    Aha, some people do not have a filter when it comes to their opinion on a dish that have just eaten (again my husband)! I would say there is a difference between eating out in a restaurant where you pay for a meal and going over to a friends house to partake in a meal.
  7. That's true, they probably just didn't want to cause any conflict. It is very common in the UK, I agree. Even with simple things. Lots of people here say sorry when they haven't even made a mistake, and the person who was wrong doesn't apologize themselves!
  8. We do tend to take politeness to the extreme over here. I think in a way that's why a lot of British people go abroad and when they come back, complain that people in other countries have no manners. That's not the case at all, they're just not in as much of a rush to say sorry, like you say, especially if they haven't done anything wrong in the first place!
  9. That's very true - often British people get a little more irritated when people don't say sorry for bumping into them, since the British person said sorry themselves. It's not like the person was being rude, it's just they didn't see it as a big deal. Politeness is very extreme in the UK.
  10. It's all down to the culture and when British people go abroad they often think people are rude, when that's not the case at all. It's just that people from other countries aren't as sensitive as us brits, when it comes to politeness.

    Personally if I have a meal in a restaurant for example, I'd have no hesitation in complaining if it wasn't right, but I know a lot of people that wouldn't want to make a fuss and just keep quiet.
  11. Yes, often the mentality in the UK is to just let it pass so as to not make a fuss about it and not bother people.
  12. I think using The Olive Garden as an example of authentic Italian food is hilarious as was the video. First of all, it is an American chain of restaurants, that should speak for itself. I think even Americans know better than to expect authentic and quality Italian food there. However, it appeals to the American tastebuds looking to spend not too much money in a restaurant. There are a few private restaurants that go back to authentic Italian food for inspiration, but they may not attract average middle class Americans on a daily basis.

    So, as the video represents, it's all a matter of opinion.
  13. While your right that it is a matter of opinion but I think most people will feel the same as you.

    Chains such as this are far from authentic and at best you can say it's Italian food with an American twist. I would have thought that most people go knowing and expecting that, and they aren't going to be looking for food that is authentic, genuine Italian meals.
  14. I've seen that video before, and it is pretty hilarious. Olive Garden is not a good example of authentic Italian food. (Same way it is with Chinese food. Not a true example of authentic Chinese food)
  15. I like how different a reactions are, there are nice grandmas who don't want to be rude, then the fierce little lady. On the other hand, Olive Garden is as far from authentic italian food as Taco Bell from mexican.
  16. I feel that many old school Italians who are used to their own cooking don’t like Italian chain restaurants at all. I know my grandparents only like going to certain restaurants in very Italian neighborhoods. I think it is very similar to how many Italians don’t like eating sauce out of a can, instead they making it homemade themselves.

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