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Italian Folk/traditional Music

Discussion in 'Italian Music, Film and TV' started by Kitty Reeves, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. I was on a YouTube crawl and was looking up folk/traditional music from various countries. Japan, Ireland, an of course, Italy. I found these two, and I really like that!

    Does anyone know of any more folk/traditional Italian songs?
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  2. Youtube Taranta Channel: all about Taranta and Pizzica, the two spider dances of southern folk:

    Eugenio Bennato and Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare for neapolitan folk.

    Agricantus for songs in sicilian language.

    La Piva dal Carner and Duo di Piadena for northern folk.
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  3. I found Domo Emigrantes - Traditional Italian Folk Ethno Music Band. I think they are quite lively.

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  4. Listening to this now, almost a hour of songs.
    Kind of reminds me of polka music.

    Collection of famous Italian folk songs (mostly Sicilian) with some Italy-specific pictures.

    1.Ciuri Ciuri
    2.Luna Calabrisi
    3.Pino Villa - Abballati abballati
    4.Pino Villa - A Mucca Pazza
    5.Pino Villa - A Signurina in Minigonna
    6.Pino Villa - A Soggira 'Ntricalora
    7.Pino Villa - La me zita gelusa
    8.Pino Villa - Occhi di Calamita
    9.Pino Villa - Raddusa Festa Del Grano
    10.Pino Villa - Si Bedda Giordana
    11.Pino Villa - Stu Minchia di Guvernu
    12.Pino Villa - U Zitu Gilusu
    13.Sicilia terra d'amuri
    14.Tano Fiorito - Marranzanata
    15.Tarantella Pugliese - La Rondinella
    16.Tarantella Napoletana


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