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Italian Drinks

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by twinsmommy31, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. What are some of your favorite Italian drinks I see that nocino is very popular. Has anyone every tried this and can you describe the flavor?
  2. The only Italian drinks I know of besides wine, is Italian sodas. Our Whole Foods sells Italian soda in a lot of fruit flavors, like Cranberry, Blood Orange, Grapefruit and more not commonly used in soda, fruits. They're all very light and bubbly and don't have a thick taste like normal American sodas. :D
  3. I think if I had to pick an authentic Italian drink, it would have to be Limoncello. It is a lemon liquor made in the South of Italy. It is just light and refreshing. A very sweet drink with a kick to it. I imagine that Italian enjoy it quite a bit in the summer time.
  4. I simply love the nocino! Or was that nocello I had... hmm... I recognize the bottle, but right now the name is confusing me. Anyway, it has a walnut flavor and it's such a good liquor! Not that expensive either :)

    Limoncello is also a great drink! I have a good friend who has her own recipe and makes limoncello at home. It's simply amazing! Much better than the store bought limoncello, that's for sure.

    Another really popular drink is the Fernet Branca. It's an Italian digestive liquor, usually you drink it like any other drink, the liquor itself, but I've seen Italians mix it with other drinks (like, coffee... some put their fernet in their coffee).
  5. My favorite is the aperol spritz. It originates from the North of Italy but is popular everywhere now. Aperol is a brand of bitter orange alcohol mix and you pour 1/3 of it plus 1/3 prosecco (or fizzy white wine) and 1/3 schweppes or club soda and serve with a slice of orange. My favorite!
  6. My favourite Italian drink is going to have to be espresso, I know it is not original but my god it is good, I just love the intensity of the flavour and the smell is just to die for!
  7. I LOVE a good Italian soda in the summer and a fresh cappuccino in the winter and fall seasons. Sitting back and having one of these two drinks in hand with a good book to read is my heaven.
  8. Nocino is a warm flavor and is a sticky dark brown liqueur from the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. It is made from unripe green walnuts. After steeping in spirit, the walnuts are removed and the black alcohol is mixed with simple syrup. Nocino has an aromatic but bittersweet flavor. Sometimes it is homemade and people may include different flavors like cinnamon or clove.
  9. From the same land of Nocino comes Bargnolino, the emilian version of Sloe Gin.

    To me is a danger, i could forget the alcohol and drink it like fruit juice.
  10. I vote for Italian hot chocolate - cioccolata calda!

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  11. How is it different from a "normal" hot chocolate?
  12. If you love hot chocolate, this will not disappoint! You will be in chocolate heaven with this deep, rich, thick, milky taste. I could go on and on with adjectives. It's like comparing chocolate in the United States to chocolate in another country. There really is no comparison to describe in words, until you taste the difference yourself.
  13. Nice. Sounds awesome. I'm just imagining drinking it with a churro...mmm
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  14. I absolutely love Italian Soda. They are so good and refreshing. Especially on hot days during the summer. I also like a variety of wine from Sicily and Italy.
  15. I would vote for a Negroni - which is one of my favorite cocktails to order when I am going out to eat at a nice restaurant. I usually have just one (or two if we're really sticking around and chatting) after my meal, usually in place of a desert, but I will also have it after desert if I do order that too. I really like the bitterness of it, because it kind of cleans all the other flavors out of my mouth, such as the cheeses, garlic, cream sauces, tomato sauces, etc...

    For those not familiar with it, it's basically a mixture of gin, sweet vermouth (red), and Campari, which is a bitter orange liquer (or maybe grapefruit? not sure). I always get it shaken over the rocks with a splash of soda water for a little fizz.

    I had never heard of Nocino before, but now that I hear that it's made from Walnuts, I am totally intrigued because I absolutely love walnuts and anything walnut flavored. I don't recall ever seeing it in my liquor store before, but then again I was never specifically looking for it either. It sounds like it would be heavenly in coffee or in baked goods too. I could see putting a couple shots of it in my moms zucchini bread recipe.
  16. Bombardino is a drink popular in Italy during the winter. It is particularly served in the ski resorts. To make Bombardino you mix 1/2 Advocaat or eggnog and 1/2 Brandy. It is served hot and with whipped cream on top. You can also change it up with with coffee, rum or whisky. The Bombardino's name is supposedly derived from one of its first makers who noted its hot temperature and high alcohol and remarked in Italian "It's like a bomb!"
  17. On hot days like it has been over the last few weeks, a nice Lemon Soda is refreshing.

  18. If we're talking coffee I would say cappucinos, always - my favorite little pick me up drink!

    As for sodas, I love the San Pellegrino Italian sodas - the blood orange is probably my number one choice of all their flavors. Super refreshing and zingy!
  19. There are so many, depending on the time of the day, the weather and the mood. I love a cappuccino in the morning, wine with my meals and spritz for the aperitivo. Spritz, at least in Veneto, can be served with or without the aperol.

    Grappa is also a favorite, especially after a heavy meal or in the colder seasons.
  20. Had a bad experience with Biancosarti Spritz.

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