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Italian Courses (night school)

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Veronese, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Italian Courses (night school)


    Ive been in Italy for quite a while and get by day by day no problems. However i really want to brush up on my written skills in Italian. Im looking to do some kind of evening course after work to improve in this area.

    I went to my local comuni and asked them but the only courses that they seem to offer are very basic ones that help foreigners learn Italian to Find work.

    This type of course is too basic for me and i'm looking for a higher level course. There are of course many private schools that offer lessons to foreigners at a nice price but i'm on a budget and wondering if anyone knows of or has done some kind of Italian course offered by the comuni or goverment.
  2. Re: Italian Courses (night school)

    Who knew there were unanswered posts from this far back, but I'm responding because I would think it might still be valid. I think there are probably a lot of online courses that are free that would serve the bill.

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