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Italian Company Becomes The First To Incorporate With Bitcoin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs In Italy' started by sammien94, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. I have just recently become aware of Bitcoins. So, yes, I have read this article already. I have not reached a decision on whether to invest or participate in Cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, I commend Italy for being so progressive in this area.

    What about you? What are your thoughts? Are you thinking of investing? Or do you already have a Bitcoin wallet?

    Do you think Italy moving in this direction will have an impact on other countries to permit businesses to register and incorporate with Bitcoins?
  2. I do already have a btc wallet and have dabbled a bit with cryptos. It's certainly a very interesting piece of tech. It has its upsides (anonymous, untraceable, etc) and downsides (security mainly). I agree with you that Italy is being pretty progressive when it comes to this, which I didn't expect, but it's a nice surprise.
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  3. While I don't know too much about crypto currencies, well, not enough to invest anyway, I do think it has a big future and investments like this are only going to help.

    I think a lot of people still think of it as a bit shady, and maybe they're right but the more popular they become the more it will help to shake off that image.

    Credit to Italy for looking at the future and allowing this to happen aswell.
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  4. Yeah, I wouldn't invest in it. A currency have to be backed by something or someone. Bitcoin is not backed by anything. There's are reason why economists says it's stupid and no companies (except this one) accepts them as payment.
  5. I think that bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency in the world. It has completely changed the way people do their online transactions. It is advisable to invest in bitcoins if you can monitor the change in its value. I have a blockchain wallet and I am usually comfortable while using bitcoins.
  6. As some comments here have already said, I wouldn't invest a penny on bitcoin or any other criptocurrency. They are just too volatile and unstable. But I wish bitcoin to succeed. It is a great idea that only needs some time to become a good alternative to our national currencies.
  7. Bitcoin is already succeeding. So many people are using it each day that goes by. It's a 'good' alternative, yes, but iffy. Will have to do lots of research before buying any...
  8. Well, yes. If your definition of "succeed" is to have a lot of users, then yes, it has succeeded. But it is far from being mainstream today.
  9. Sounds like this italian company wasn't wrong after all, bitcoins is spreading around at a very fast pace and I regret not investing in it sooner. I have a bitcoin wallet but there's not much in it, I was too late and when I started to get interested in bitcoins, they were already worth hundreds of dollars. While I agree that a currency needs to be backed by something, I think that a currency's worth is defined by how much faith people put in it and how many use it. Bitcoin is already used by lots of people and companies all around the globe and I'm sure it'll grow stronger in the future.
  10. Digital currency is somewhat innovative and I'm glad that such country as Italy takes part in it.
  11. I'm fairly certain that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will eventually be widely accepted by more and more companies.

    The problem with using bitcoin though is the fact that the value of the currency constantly fluctuates so if you have some bitcoins saved up, you could lose some of the money you "invested."

    Good thing though is the transactions fees are very low which is why I'm sure that in the near future more companies and people will be using bitcoin for business.
  12. That really is interesting, and I have to say that while I have no idea about how BitCoin works and what it is exactly, but I still think that it is a good sign of the times and something that is growing in importance and relevance. I am very curious to see where things go from here and if more companies jump on the trend, or if the decision has any implications for the country of Italy itself. Very interesting stuff, so thank you for the share @sammien94
  13. Pretty risky move in my opinion. There are still lots of things we don't know about this new currency, and there won't be any big corporations that would back you up or would bail you out if this currency would be able to be sustained for the better part of the future, and I don't think more popular companies would place such a risk on something that wouldn't have a guaranteed payoff. It can disappear in a few years, leaving those who have invested on it dead in the water for all we know.

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