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Italia In Miniatura - Rimini

See the whole of Italy in one day

  1. At first, I thought no way! You can not discover all of Italy in one day, then I watched the video. Thanks for the link! Seriously, this is a fantastic display of creativity and I will watch it again in the future.

    I went and checked out the link. Looks like they even have a small scale replica of famous European monuments, too. It kind of reminds me of a Disney theme park, as they even have rides, too.

    I think both children and the young at heart would enjoy a stop at this theme park attractant at Italia in Miniatura located in Viserba, Italy. I wonder who has visited this place and give us a first-hand account of the park?
  2. Oh wow - this is awesome! I actually visited a miniature place in Japan when I vacationed there - they had a ton of miniature historical site representations, from places in Europe, to the USA, all over Asia, and Egypt. It was actually one of the most neat random stops we had on our trip there!

    The level of detail just blows me away - I'd definitely check this out if I was in the area.

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