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Is The Etna Volcano Dangerous For The Locals?

Discussion in 'Catania' started by Linda, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. I was never in Catania, partly because I live far away, but partly because I'm scared of volcanoes. Just the thought of the lava.... ugh! I can't stand to even think about it!
    Isn't the volcano dangerous for the locals? It's still active, right? What is it erupts one day?
    Would you go on vacation to Catania with this thoughts in mind?
  2. Well, it's very far away from Northern Italy (which is where I live) so I probably won't visit Etna anytime soon.
    I don't know when the volcano erupted the last time, I think it was last year, in November or something, and it wasn't dangerous. However, it's clear that if a big eruption takes place, the villages and people will be in great danger.

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