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Imagine The Journey Of Looking For A Sewage Pipe To Finding Historical Marvels Under Your House!

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by sallymarie, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. I have now added the Faggiano Museum in Lecce, Italy to my bucket list of destination spots. To think, the Faggiano's family home was once a Templar home, and home to a Convent of Franciscan Nuns of the Saint Clare's order is incredible and that's not all. By visiting this spot, one can go back into the historical timelines from the Messapians, the Romans, the Middle Ages, and up into the Renaissance period.

    If interested, I stumbled upon an article in the NY Times by JIM YARDLEY, APRIL 14, 2015 which goes into more details, Centuries of Italian History Are Unearthed in Quest to Fix Toilet. Or you can visit the Faggiano Museum website directly.

    The part of the story that made chuckle was about when the father initially started unearthing his findings by hoisting his younger son down a hole by dangling him from a rope. Of course, he kept it initially a secret from his wife. I know, I would have had a break down to think my husband was doing this with one of my children! She eventually knew something was amiss due to the abundance of dirty, muddy laundry!

    Luciano Faggiano and his sons recently excavated a new area beneath their building in Lecce. Credit Davide Monteleone for The New York Times

    More fascinating images found at the museum. Well worth a look!
    FotoGallery - Museo Faggiano
  2. It's crazy to think of the amount of history that can be buried under the ground! To stumble across a find like that when you had just set out to find a pipe would be pretty incredible.

    I had to laugh too about the husband keeping it a secret from his wife, initially - I am SURE my husband would do the exact same thing but I would catch onto the fact something was amiss eventually!
  3. I hear you about the wonder of what is covered underground over the years. I would imagine in places; such as, Italy it is even more common. Another fact that I find commendable in this story is how the family footed the bill for all of this digging of treasures, yet was under the regulation of official, watchful eyes.

    Haha about us wives catching our husband doing these type of adventures with our children, thinking they would not get caught!

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