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I'm Hopeless:(((

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by yeganeh, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Buonasera

    Mi chiamo yeganeh e sono Iraniana,di Tehran e ho 21 anni.

    Volevo imparare e studiare la lingua italiana e ho passato gia I livelli dei libri Espresso in una scuola valida di lingua in purtroppo non c’e una scuola o un’ instituta che avere I corsi di italiani senza i libri Espresso.
    Io amo quello lingua e voglio promuovere quella lingua nella mia come???se voi potreste aiutarmi?avete un'idea?

    La ringrazie se aiutarmi
    My italian skill is it.its bad or good?
  2. I have just started an Italian study course, the kind that you can do at home with CDs, so your language skills look pretty impressive to me. I can follow the main points you are making, I think, but of course I don't know if it is perfect or not. Well done.
  3. I'm not a native Italian speaker (although I do have some Italian heritage) but am also learning Italian and thought you did a pretty good job. I also feel pretty proud that I could translate what you wrote into English. I'm not sure if the grammar was correct but you succeeded in communicating in a new language and I understood your introduction, so well done.
  4. I think you have done quite a good job of learning Italian. I am not a native Italian speaker but I can definitely follow what you have written. It is definitely better than what I can write.
  5. Yes I agree,
    You have done a much better job then what I could have done. I am still trying to learn how to write in Italian. I won't it to be understood by those who read it.

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